Monday, July 19, 2010

A Sight I Might Not See Again

While I was a way on a nice, long visit to my daughter's home in Nebraska, the Sanseveria (Mother-in-Law's Tongue/Snake Plant) that I've had for years put up a flower stalk.  Gardening Daughter tells me that she's never before seen one in bloom, but from research on the web I learned that the plant is a regular bloomer, under the right conditions.  My absence must have been the condition.   Since some web information said these plants may bloom only once every ten years, I truly might not see it bloom again.

The blooms are pretty, but slightly malodorous.  Google comments on the plant contain reports of the blooms smelling slightly of carnation, but such is not the case here.  It's not bad enough to put it outside, but I wouldn't want a bouquet of them.

I'll get back to my "Butterflies and Memories" posts soon, along with some snippets about my trip to Nebraska.  I had a lot to do to get ready for my trip, and a lot to do upon my return, besides which driving almost 700 miles in one day sort of wore me out.  Missed you all.  I'll be trying to catch up, soon.