Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All's Well

My sister has emailed me to complain that she is tired of looking at "Should I Be Worried?" when she visits my blog.  I quote: "...people will be worried."  I doubt that, but I apologize to my loyal readers who find nothing new when/if they visit.

All's well, here. I've simply been beset by ennui, due partly to the heat and partly to the lingering discomfort in my back. I have visited my physician who, after extensive tests to and upon my person, has declared that nothing is broken and that my problems are "age-related."  I hate that! I don't mind 'getting older'; it's the getting 'old' that torques my jaws.  I'll get over it -- one way or another, sooner or later.

On the plus side, during the hiatus I've read a couple of quirky mystery stories (a detective who is assisted by ghosts) that I downloaded onto my Kindle.  I wouldn't want a steady diet of that sort, but they were enjoyable diversions.

I hope you all are well, and staying cool.

As my friend Suldog might say "Later, with better stuff."

Tomorrow is also a day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Should I Be Worried?

My eyes popped open from a good night's sleep and this crazy song was running through my head -- even before my feet hit the floor.  I must have been singing it in a dream.

Singer: Georgia Gibbs, from YouTube

I've continued to sing the words I remembered for the last couple of hours (no, I don't remember all of them; this song was popular just after I graduated from high school-- a day or two ago.)  The cats' food was dished up with a serenade of sorts. The back yard plants have been treated (?) to a "tweedle dee dee " along with their morning drink, and the deck was hosed down with an accompaniment of "gimmee, gimmee, gimmie all the love you got."   If Squeak, Missy and Sweetie Pie could speak English, I'm sure they would be saying "Enough, already!"

Maybe the heat has finally fried my brain.

Tomorrow is also a day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Books - July, 1999

Dover clipart

Continuing with my monthly installment of books read in 1999:

Tears of the Moon -  Di Morissey

The Alienist -  Caleb Carr

1 Ragged Ridge Road - Leonard Foglia & David Adams Richards

The Chatham School Affair - Thomas H. Cook

Murder Makes Waves -  Anne George

Murder Gets a Life -  Anne George

Pillar of Fire -  Robert R. Irvine

Called Home - Robert R. Irvine

Baptism for the Dead - Robert R. Irvine

Deal Breaker -  Harlen Coben

Flight of Eagles - Jack Higgins

I'm currently reading from a number of Kindle books, sporadically and as I have an interest.   I've been hopping between Dutch Fairy Tales for Young People; The Message: The Book of Proverbs (Eugene Peterson); The Bittermeads Mystery (Ernest Robertson Punshon);  Murder in Passy (Cara Black);  and The Mystery of the Big Ben (Fernando Trujillo).

Could it be that I have attention deficit disorder? Or, do I just seek variety?As usual, all links lead to

Tomorrow is also a day.

Monday, July 11, 2011


You Tube

Miss Piggy and Kermit

I'm inside, and staying cool and, if it's a scorcher where you are, I hope you're staying cool, too.

Tomorrow (another hot one) is also a day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Needs Must

My mother used to say "needs must" quite often, and the phrase was added to my vocabulary as I grew older.

This morning was a 'needs must' morning.  While there's been some improvement, I'm still hobbling around with a really sore back. Be that as it may, both front and rear yards had to be mowed; I don't need any more notes from the City Fathers.  I had hoped that my Coast Guard grandson, who was here for a few days this past week, might have done that for me, but he spent most of his time with his sweet girlfriend.  I don't blame him at all; given the choice, I'd much rather sit in a cool room and watch movies with my sweetie than to push a lawnmower in the heat.

I'm happy to say that it took me only 45 minutes to mow both front and back yards.  Thank goodness for a self-propelled mower!  The discomfort in my back doesn't seem any worse. Perhaps the heat and exercise was good for it.

After I've cooled down a bit, I will water the flower beds then put out the sprinklers. The ground is, again, incredibly dry. Our rainfall seems to be either feast or famine.

I've still to do the trimming around the edges, but ...

...tomorrow is also a day.