Saturday, November 1, 2008

Broken toes and other stuff - Post 99

Note: this photo of a branch on my maple tree has nothing to do with the text below. I just think it's pretty.
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I try to read Rose Swall's blog, Pics and Pieces, every day. In her most recent post, in addition to showing some beautiful photos of a golden-leaved cottonwood tree, she discussed her husband's broken toe and resulting surgery. My sympathies to her hubby; I've broken the 'little toes' on both feet many times. In an attempt to avoid these painful events, I hardly ever go without hard-toed shoes anymore, inside the house or out.

Her discussion of broken toes reminded me: the last time I broke a toe, I composed a poem (ha ha) to commemorate the event. The words actually have nothing to do with broken toes, it's just what popped into my mind at the time. The poem is SO bad, it reminds me of authorblog's Verse and Worse (you won't believe some of the "rhymes" he constructs.)

Kicked Around (Ode to a Broken Toe)

If we're 'kicked when we're down' we don't have far to go.

A chicken in a breadpan can 'kick up the dough.' *

We can get 'kicked upstairs.' We may 'kick up a fuss.'

As we travel through life, we may 'kick up some dust.'

Kids pay 'kick the can.' We 'kick tires' on our truck; it

Seems we're always kicking --and then we 'kick the bucket.'

* for anyone not familiar with "chicken in the breadpan kicking up dough," it's a square dancing term.

It's a glorious day outside today. I may have to take the camera and go scouting.


TSannie said...

Love your poem. Ouch!

Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

Got to be careful kicking things, sometimes they kick back!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Love your funny poem! I was afraid you were going to say you had a broken toe right now too. I'm glad it was in the past. ;_0

Anonymous said...

Now that was not at all bad,Pat.
You know I have never broken a single bone, but I have had my toe stomped on by a horse...does that ever HURT!!!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

We had a beautiful day here also. I know about toes myself, I always wear shoes inside or out. Too many times I have had to limp around for about six weeks until they healed. The poem is terrific. Happy week-end.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That is a beautiful photograph.

I've only broken a toe once. It was the middle one. All we did was buddy tape it.

Kappa no He said...

Me, too. Cringing at the idea of broken little toes. But the poem they inspired is fantastic!


richies said...

Lovely photo. You know i love fall photos. I am planning on taking some photos today myself.

My daughter recently broke her toe mountain biking. She did a "bang up" job of it. Her x-rays are really scary. She is recovering fine. Have a great day!

An Arkie's Musings

Rose said...

I had never though of how much we 'kick' reminds me of something else but it isn't polite conversation for a blog. Just one of those off color things that every now and then I think is actually funny.

I wore steel toed shoes at work for years, not because I actually needed them, but just cause they were the most comfortable shoes for standing all day long. And I did get used to not having to worry about toes...

By the time I quit wearing them, I actually hurt my toes a time or two because I forgot I didn't have them on.

Anonymous said...

The leaves are gorgeous, Pat. Your poem had me howling! I've broken most of my toes a number of times but I'm still foolish enough to go around barefoot. (Big foot up and little foot down...)