Friday, July 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Not a whole lot going on since the last post. It's rained, off and on, during the last couple of days, so the yardening has been curtailed. I did manage a walk around between showers and noticed that my newly planted canna lilies seem to have settled in. There's new growth on several of them, as evidenced by the tightly curled shoot shown below.

I'm baby sitting my gardening daughter's dogs, Snuggles and Buddy, while she is away for a few days. Snuggles, about whom I wrote a couple of times last year while she being adopted and undergoing treatment for heartworms, has made a full recovery and is a sweet, sweet dog. True to her name, she does like to snuggle, and nearly pushed me off my side of the bed last night. Of course, the dogs sleep with me! The cats don't like it much, although Squeak did nest down on my other side sometime during the early morning hours.



Raccoons, again: Just before dark last night, I watched two raccoons crawl up my back fence from the drainage ditch that runs behind my lot. They hoisted themselves into the Japanese Weeping Cherry tree (some of the branches overhang the fence)and except for shaking and trembling of leaves, they became invisible to me --- but not to Buddy. I almost could not get him to come back into the house. He paced the fence line, tried to climb the Cherry tree, barked (of course), and did his own sort of grid-search across the back quadrant of the yard. I eventually just let him wear himself out and decide on his own when he was ready to come back inside. I did later see one of the raccoons walk across the top of the fence from the Cherry toward my fig tree; s/he may have supped on green figs. I don't know if the raccoons camped out in my yard overnight, or went on to greener pastures. There is an unfenced garden next door with some tomato and squash plants, just waiting to be munched upon.

That's about it. It's cooler today, but the humidity is still high, making for not too pleasant walking around outside, and the mosquitos are very pesky!
More, later.


Suldog said...

Got a question for you that just occurred to me. How big is your place? You have so many different plants!

Countrygirl said...

The dogs look like wonderful companions! Glad to hear all is good - hope the raccoons didn't eat too much.

jinksy said...

I can say snap! rainwise... We even had the thunder trimming today. Glad your time off was simply that, and I hope all the valsing didn't tire you out in the humidity! XXX

Anonymous said...

Snuggles looks like a sweetheart...
I'm so glad to read your post always.
So good to hear from you!!!

Snap said...

I wonder if green figs are good for the raccoons? ;D ;D So happy to hear that Snuggles has made a full recovery. Happy puppy sitting!

NitWit1 said...

I'm a sucker for the dogs and cats, especially Snuggles because she and Luckie share the heartworm/adoption story and are sweet dogs...well Luckie is most of time, except her Search and Destroy Sundays and chipmunk huntings.

Be neat if you could get some raccoon pictures but then they can be mean litel critters when cornered.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Pat, I remember that story about Snuggles. Glad he is doing so well. Guess Buddy will stay busy keeping the raccoons out of the yard!!!!!

We had a skunk on our back deck about a week ago. If Buddy had have been here, I'm sure he would have scared that stinky thing. As it was, we left him alone--since we didn't want that skunk spray on th deck. Yuk!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad Snuggles is doing well. The heartworm treatmnet is a bear to get through. She looks wonderful.
Buddy looks like he gets all the groceries though. I can relate.

Hilary said...

I'm glad that Snuggle has done so well. Sully wants to know how big your place is.. I was wondering how big your bed is for all those critters to sleep beside you. ;)

Patty said...

Glad Snuggles is all better. Buddy looks a lot like the Fox Terrier we had, except they had clipped her tail, when she was first born. Buddy also looks like he's getting a little old. Our Autumn started looking that way also. I believe she was 12 when we had to have her put to sleep. That was the hardest for both Abe and me. Another reason I don't want anymore dogs. that plus having to housebreak them, take them to the vets and give them medicines when they are sick, I told Abe we're getting too old for that. Well I should say I am, I'm the one that would have to take them to the vet and make sure they had their medicines and housebreak them. Enjoy this nice cooler week-end.

By the way the oldest dog we ever had was 22 years old. She was just a mutt, a mixture, looked a lot like a Lab, but was smaller, we called her Cuddles, because she like to cuddle up next to someone.

Rebecca said...

Snuggles is a very pretty dog!