Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Sweetie Pie and other Stuff

To those who have inquired, thank you, Sweetie is doing much better. So much so that she is fighting me tooth and claw over every administration of topical and/or oral medication. I will have scars to prove what a dedicated 'mother' I am.

I know she's feeling better since she has been running through the house at full tilt, jumping on the other cats, and batting around everything that she can physically move. (I have a rubber stamp that states "Everything not nailed down is a cat toy." How true!) I am much encouraged by her improvement; she had been quite lethargic.

On other subjects:

Rain -- we're about to mildew, again. My rain gauge shows over 4" since 12:01 am on Wednesday. We needed the moisture, but this liquid sunshine is really putting a crimp in my yardening.

Old Friends -- I had a serendipitous encounter and totally wonderful visit yesterday with Pepper Pepper, a young man (young being relative to my own age) who I first met in 2000 and with whom, over the intervening years, I had spent a goodly amount of time. However, I had lost touch with him and had not seen him at all for almost a year. He is a photographer, poet, and multi-media artist, a very good one, I think, and a world traveler. He has a website showcasing some of his work. If you're interested, you can see it here. I invite you to do so.

Some bittersweet news is that he has purchased a property in Ghivizzano, Tuscany, Italy, and will be moving there at year end. He showed us dozens of photos of the town and surrounding areas, all of which took our breath away. I know there are many beautiful places on earth, but he has selected one that is nearly perfect for the variety of landscapes. And, here I am, with no passport! That situation, of course, can be remedied.

Stamping -- I have over-obligated myself in this area, and it's definitely affecting how much time I spend blogging and reading others' blogs. To wit:

* I am making cards for a stamp club on Saturday of this week.
* On the following Monday, I will be teaching a stamp class for 10 participants.
* My stamping partner and I are hosting a two-session Stamp Camp on Sept. 25 and 26, which calls for a lot of designing, cutting and creating kits, a total of 120.
* She and I will sponsor and donate all materials for an afternoon of stamping for World Card Making Day on October 3, for which I will design 4 cards and prepare materials for 30 of each design. I really don't mind about this one at all, because half of the cards go to the Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock, the other half to Cards for Soldiers.
* As soon as this almost back-to-back flurry of activity is over, we will begin preparations for another Stamp Camp on November 13-14, for which each of us will prepare materials for 480 Christmas cards.

That's about it! Look for me when you see me coming.


Suldog said...

Excellent news on Sweetie! When they're fighting you, they've got serious life in them!

Snap said...

Busy, busy lady! Glad to hear Sweetie Pie is doing much better and on the way to full recovery.

NitWit1 said...

Glad Sweetie Pie is back to normal. I may gripe of some of Luckie's day to day activities, but when they cease, and she is sick, I regret the gripes.

When she returns to her joyful self, I rejoice, well, until the chipmunk trophies return.

You really are going to have a busy schedule for the next few months but you enjoy it and that is the important part.

Wanda said...

Good to hear about "baaddd" Sweetie Pie...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well I miss your blogging, Pat, but I certainly understand. There's never enough time for any of us to do the things in life we enjoy. My hubby is a stamp collector. I love genealogy. Neither of us EVER have enough time for those hobbies.

Glad Sweetie Pie is doing well now. Hopefully, you won't have to give Sweetie too many more pills.


TSannie said...

I've MISSED you! Haven't had the time to visit and that just stinks! Must go back to see what was wrong with your cat - glad she's better, tho.


Linda Starr said...

Glad sweetie is better, Pepper Pepper does amazing work, better get your passport for sure.

Teacher's Pet said...

So glad to know that Sweetie Pie is up to her old 'fighting and clawing' self again! Go Sweetie...but don't hurt Mama.
Enjoy your stamping....and know that when you get time to blog, we love it.
Smiles from Jackie

Peter said...

Hooray! Glad that the Sweetie is bouncing around with new found health. I like the "Everything that is not nailed down is a cat toy" motto, we could do with that here too. Even our doors become a thing of excitement, something to hide behind and spring out from!

Rain is something that we are usually short of here, but I do remember long drippy gray weeks when we lived in the North Island of NZ, in the winter the shady side of our house grew mildew, and the lawn never dried out.

Do get your passport, and we must get ours. We should meet you at Pepper Pepper's place in Italy! Had a look at his web site, and he certainly is a very talented fellow. You will miss him.

All the Best with your stamping, P & L & Ginger

Arkansas Patti said...

As James Herriot said, "if you can't catch a pet, they aren't sick."
So glad she is her old self. Know what you mean about objects as cat toys. My sister hunted weeks for a missing, horrendously expensive hearing aid the cat had batted into oblivion.
Cat owners must have a sense of humor.

jinksy said...

Mind you don't wear your fingers to the bone, arty Blogpal!

Carolina said...

Glad Sweetie Pie is doing better.

PepperPepper is a very talented artist. I really enjoyed his website. Wonderful 'photos' and photos.
Thanks for the link :-)

Good luck with Sweetie Pie. Hope she stays well.

Hilary said...

Glad to hear the kitty is doing well. And you sure are keeping busy. Enjoy!

Your closing line cracked me up. :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

So glad that Sweetie Pie is doing better!!!!!! And I love the stamp wisdom about cat's and their play-things! So clever! Looks like you've got your work cut out for you for a while! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers...You're friend sounds delightful! Perhaps, a passport may be in your future? Blessings to you! ~Janine XO

prashant said...

So glad she is her old self. Know what you mean about objects as cat toys. How to make a website .