Thursday, October 1, 2009

Early Autumn Jaunt

Yesterday I took the day off from card-making activities and drove to Hot Springs Village, about 70 miles southwest of my home. It was an absolutely gorgeous day: sun shining brightly, a slight breeze and temperature just perfect! I opened the sun roof of my car and rolled down the side windows just to let the wonderful, crisp early Autumn air wash over and through me. I took big, deep breaths as I drove through the still-green countryside and became almost giddy during the drive. Must have been all the fresh air that made me feel that way.

My journey was made by traveling on one of Arkansas' lovely scenic by-ways, a sometimes narrow two-lane highway that winds its way over the gentle hills of central Arkansas with more than a few 25- 35 mph curves. We have several beautiful scenic drives in the state, but this is one of my favorites, perhaps because loved ones are waiting at the end of my drive.

The reason for the trip was to help celebrate the 86th birthday of my brother-in-law, who is an absolutely wonderful guy (even if he is a Yankee), and who is looking quite robust for a person who is even older than I (see photo below). In the interests of home safety, we didn't put 86 candles on his cake. I don't think the delicious chocolate cake (his favorite, of course) would have held them all, anyway, and the one we lit did quite nicely.

Happy Birthday, Dear Leon!

Before we arrived at birthday cake and present-opening time, we had driven a few miles outside the Village to a small home-style restaurant for a pleasant and most satisfactory lunch. In the restaurant's parking lot, we spied an interesting vehicle. When I questioned our waitress, I was told that it was the property of the restaurant owners. After our meal, I approached them to say how much I admired their unusual looking car. They told me it was a replica of a 1929 Mercedes Gazelle. Of course I had to get a couple of photos! I love the headlights and the trumpet- shaped horns on the front.

On such a lovely Autumn day, I certainly would have enjoyed jaunting about the countryside in this little beauty!

Yesterday's euphoria will have to last for a while. This morning brought a heavily overcast sky and the threat of rain -- which materialized this evening. Ah! How grateful I am for memories!


Snap said...

Wonderful post. Happy Birthday to Leon. I thought I was riding along with you. Glad you took a photo of the cool car!

Countrygirl said...

Very nice post. Happy Birthday to Leon, today is my husbands birthday and yesterday was mine - so we are in good company!

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday to Leon...He does not look 86...what is his secret?

Pat - Arkansas said...

Wanda -- no children. LOL

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Pat, the next time you are in Hot Springs, be sure to go to Garvin Gardens. They are GORGEOUS...

I love that drive on those little scenic, back roads also. Arkansas is such a neat place.

Glad you got to celebrate your BIL's 86th birthday. He does look spry!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Pat. I could smell that clean mountain air.

Sissy said...

I finally got around to reading your blog - have been reading your comments on others' for some time. It will now go into my 'Favorites' file. I like your style!

jinksy said...

What a snazzy little car. They don't make 'em as pretty as that any more!

NitWit1 said...

Somehow missed this post yesterday. How is color in Hot Springs. I know it is further south on HWY 7 but color of sumac around Harrison has already come and gone.

Brother-in-law I'm sure loved to see you.

Teacher's Pet said...

OK....we ALL have to know!!
What is his secret!!
I'm headed toward 60....and he looks a lot better than I do....
Give! Give!!!
Happy belated birthday (I'm late getting here. )
Smiles from Jackie

Melinda said...

wow he definitely looks so much younger than his age. I have always said your age does not mean is just a number...and I do not pay it any mind most times as you are really as young as you feel in your mind! For me that would be like 26 haha....'

Leon looks in his 60s IF that! SO much younger than his biological years. From the way he looks I bet he acts much younger too!