Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where, Oh, Where is My Roll of Ribbon?

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This knot of ribbon, which is, in real life, only 2" across, is an integral part of the design for a card that is to be made at the Christmas "Stamp-a-Stack" I'm co-hosting on November 13 and November 14. I need to make 160, yes, one hundred sixty, of these knots, ready to apply to the cards. However, I have a problem!

When I left to go to Virginia, a full roll of this polka-dot ribbon (the only one I had in my stash), was on my stamping table. Safe enough, I thought. But, oh, no! Sometime during my absence, the entire roll of ribbon disappeared. I spent the better part of a day looking for it. I've cleared everything from the stamp table, piece by piece, looked on the floor and under cabinets, moved boxes and bags and so on and so on. I've looked under the kitchen table, in the living room under the sofa, under the chairs, under my bed. No ribbon!

I suspect that one or more of the cats, trying to get even for my prolonged absence, knocked the roll of ribbon off the table and batted it around to who knows where! Missy, my black mama cat, has been known to carry entire rolls of ribbon from the stamp room into other parts of the house, but I've always spotted them in plain view. The culprit might even have pushed the roll off the table into the large trash bin that I keep nearby, and which Gardening Daughter thoughtfully emptied during my absence. (Note to self: move trash bin to another location.) If that's the case, my brand new roll of ribbon is now residing under a pile of yuck at Mount Trashmore, the local landfill.

All is not lost -- except the time I've spent looking for it, and even that had a benefit: my stamping table and environs are neater than they've been for some time. My stamping partner and co-host of the Stamp-a-Stack has some of this particular ribbon on hand which I can use for the project, since I don't have time to order and receive it in time to prepare for the stamping event. I'll just have to order two rolls, one for me and one to replace the one I will "borrow."

Off now to cut paper and create kits for the other cards -- which fortunately don't require red polka-dot ribbon.

More, later.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

What beautiful ribbon!!! I think your cards, and stamping are the most beautiful of all!!! You have such an artistic eye!!! Glad you are home! Missed you!!! ~Janine XO

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My, Pat.... Those kitties are in BIG trouble!!!! Bet your idea of it getting to the trash is the correct answer.

Glad you were able to find some more ribbon. Now---you have alot to do before your event.

You are such a creative and busy lady. Hope things work out!!!!

TSannie said...

Haven't been around for quite a while. Now I know what I've missed. It's your positive voice, Miss Pat. You are an positive inspiration - even when writing about missing ribbon.

I feel better!

jinksy said...

I know exactly the kind of hunt you described. I've been doing an intermittent one for the past two or three years, for my computer specs! I put them in a 'safe place' before my brother and his wife came to visit, as I knew I'd not want to use the computer till after they'd left for home. Sadly, the place was TOO safe, as they've yet to turn up!

Hilary said...

I have a number of things which have disappeared in a similar manner. I should clean up around here, eh? ;)

I suspect that your ribbon will reappear as soon as it's no longer needed. I'll bet that'll earn a mention in a future post. I'll bet you a roll of ribbon! ;)

JC said...

I'm so behind of blog reading so it took a little while to catch up. I still cherish your handmade cards. They are still on my refrig. Happy stamping or whatever is appropriate for what you will be doing. Where do you order ribbion?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my, did you find it yet?

Gallicissa said...

Sorry to hear about this, Pat. Be careful next time as cats will be cats.

NitWit1 said...

I hate when something is missing and I never find it, despite turning the house upside down. Drives me nuts; maybe I'm already nuts.

I'm like Jinksey--too safe a place!!

But I know you will cope, especially after the Thanksgiving project, I know you'll make it through this one.

Patty said...

That can be so frustrating losing something like that. I know, been there, and done that and several days later it appears like out of no where and I wonder how I missed it to begin with. LOL

I remember one day, I was looking for my diamond ring, (which I no longer wear, fingers are too fat. I knew I had taken it off, looked everywhere that I should have or could have put it. Never found it. so I started thinking about some of the chores I had been doing before it came up missing, checked the dogs toy box, I had picked up several items and dropped into the box, and sure enough there in the bottom was my ring. I knew the dog couldn't have done it, so assumed I had it in my hand and it got pitched along with the toys. LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

I suspect the cats. They are amazing at batting something into a spot that can take a while to show up.
My sister had them bat one of her $4000 hearing aids "somewhere". After crawling on her knees for days, she is now convinced that she must have vacuumed it up and tossed out the bag.
Hope your ribbon shows up but it is looking doubtful.

Marvin said...

Looking for a lost something-or-other, how well I know that feeling of frustration. At least you had good reasons for the loss. Often I am using an object when it vanishes. One moment I have it in my hand and the next moment it's gone.

Suldog said...

Cats will steal things occasionally, but we have to put up with it because of all their other good traits. It's sort of the same trade off MY WIFE makes with me concerning dirty jokes.