Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butterflies - No Memories

 Butterfly on my Butterfly Bush

The days of this month (and year, for that matter) have evaporated like dew in the morning sun.  I believe it to be a true observation that the older one becomes the quicker the time seems to pass. 

As I look back on what I have (and have not) accomplished in the past 31 days, I can give myself credit for: keeping some semblance of order and cleanliness in my home; major furniture rearrangement in my living room; a bit of downsizing by identifying and donating several household items, large and small, to family or charities; preparation and successful completion of another (well-attended, thank you) Stamp Camp; and quite a bit of work in the church office as I prepare for the transition of our financial records and other documents to a newer (not new) computer.  Oh --- and I spent about 2.5 hours yesterday morning weeding the "north" flower beds in the church garth (and I have the aching muscles to remind me, today and for several days to come, I fear.)

However, when I think of the things that I ought to have accomplished as well, I don't feel much satisfaction.  As I am wont to say "Whose fault is that?"

Gardening Daugher called me a couple of days ago, excited about discovering a chrysalis in her yard, one which she had not seen before.  A bit of research on Google led her to believe that it is the chrysalis of a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly. If any of you readers have information to the contrary, we'd like to know it. Thanks.

The photo below does not do it justice.  In the sunlight, the "points" on the outside glow like molten gold.  I was interested in the fact that the "spider web"-looking strands around the chrysalis are spun by the caterpillar itself to protect the chrysalis.  Daughter is keeping a close eye on it, hoping to see the butterfly emerge.

Gulf Fritillary (?) Chrysalis


Abby said...

A butterfly chrysalis is exciting stuff! I have been nurturing milkweed in hopes of monarchs using them, but so far, no luck. Who knew butterflies could be so picky? Hope your daughter witnesses the emergence.

Snap said...

A chrysalis!!! Must be a lucky day! I'm with you .. the older I get the faster goes the time ... along with the hurrier I go the behinder I get... argghh!!!!!!!

Good to "see" you! You've been busy.

Arkansas Patti said...

your certainly have been busy.
what a beautiful chrysalis. in all my years i have never found one. that will be fun to watch.
time flies because we are no longer looking forward to something. being old enough to drive, drink, vote, be on our own, start a family, etc. remember how long it used to take for christmas to get here?

Peter said...

What a lovely chrysalis! I guess that a caterpillar would have to be quite an organized fellow really! Someone like me would probably forget to spin a web before slamming the chrysalis door, and then spend a very anxious time expecting to be eaten, whilst waiting for my wings to grow!

NitWit1 said...

I agree how time flies. This week in rapid fire successiod, my primary care physician announced moving to Bentonville, I hat a major atrial fib attack, a council meeting was acrimonious to put it nicely, and I relinquished publication of a small city newsletter to friends whom I know will carry on in the best tradition. More importantly I have decided to resign my council position Oct 1 to free up time for some important medical appts without guilt of missing meetings and for more time at home or in activities which may include my spouse.