Friday, September 24, 2010

A Thing of Beauty?

Self-Portrait : 09-24-10

I suffer again from respiratory discomfort - not yet to the "distress" level. This time, I think it's allergies, or a combination of germs and ragweed, but to be on the safe side, after self-medicating and staying in bed for a couple of days, I visited my physician yesterday afternoon.  $338 later, I had undergone an X-Ray of my sinuses (slightly infected), extensive blood analysis (I still have a bit left), a steroid injection and two prescriptions.  I'm still alive today, and feeling somewhat better, thanks be to God.

All that as it may be, I felt I  had to mow the raggedy front yard today.  It's supposed to rain a bit for the next few days, and I was sprinkled upon as I was bringing the mower into the back yard, which put an end to my mowing. Besides, I was ready to give it up; breathing through one of those Maxi-Masks can be hard work. 

As I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post, our city gub'ment is quick to send hateful letters to folk who let even one solitary patch of grass exceed 8" in  height, and threaten to come mow your property and send you a bill unless the "problem" is taken care of immediately.  I think I shall apply for a job in that department (the sussing out of unkempt yards, that is), as I have seen several yards in my vicinity in DIRE need of a good mow.  Those folk are either exempt from city harassment, or they just ignore the epistles.   I haven't seen any city workers out with their mowers on those properties.  Can we say "discriminatory practices?"  Or do the powers that be only send letters to the folks they know will comply, even if they're 100 years old with one foot in the grave?



Snowbrush said...

A lot of people here in the Willamette Valley go about with masks. This is the grass seed capital of the world, and then there is the fact that the valley is filled with indigenous plants plus all of the plants that people who came here from other areas brought with them.

rhymeswithplague said...

Since I can't see your face, my next question is: What does it say on your hat?

My yard is about at that point itself. Here the county doesn't come around, but the president of the homeowners association does. Maybe I'll get to it before your rain reaches us.

Or maybe not.

Pat - Arkansas said...


It has a small switch on the underside of the bill which one can press to activate two small, but very bright, LED bulbs. I sometimes wear it, with lights on, to prowl around the darker recesses of my stamp room, or when taking the trash to the curb after dark. My eyes are not what they used to be. I don't think that is the use KOBALT had in mind when they made the caps (purchased mine at Lowe's Home Improvement Center).

Arkansas Patti said...

You definitely look loaded for bear. Those masks are hot and annoying but effective.
Sorry you had to pay such a steep price to breathe easier but glad it is working.
I'm not sneezing but my dog is so I guess something is in the air now.
Keep feeling better and ignore the threatening letters till you feel up to it since it appears to be an empty threat.

Abby said...

It's a bad year for hay fever in these parts, so I can appreciate your discomfort even though mine cannot compete. We too have a weed ordinance, but Neighborhood Code Enforcement will inspect and send out threatening letters only if someone complains. Fortunately, no one can see into my backyard. ;-)

Countrygirl said...

Get better!!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I am soo allergic too!!! And mowing the grass is terrible!!! I do hope you feel better soon!!! And I think it's terrible that the laws are applied so sporadically!!! Love you!! Janine XO