Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recipe for "Yum! Yum! plus Bits and Pieces


My sister has posted the recipe for the Lemon-Pear-Basil deliciousness that I wrote about last week. It may be found in the comment from "Nutmeg" following my original post. Or, here (only the comments section).  The recipe falls into the "very easy" category.


Bits and Pieces

It started raining around midnight last night, and is still raining at this writing (8 a.m.)  The rain gauge outside the kitchen window indicates that we've received a bit over an inch of much needed precipitation.  It's been very, very dry since mid-summer, and every drop is welcome. Fortunately, the overnight lows are not yet in the freezing range.   Ice-covered streets and trees are not something to which I look forward. Here in central Arkansas, we are much more likely to have ice than snow.   My thoughts have been with those in Minnesota and Wisconsin as they dig out from the recent snow-dump.

* *
I learned yesterday that my youngest daughter (YD) and her son (Nebraska) may be coming for Thanksgiving. YAY! I'm hoping the roads stay clear enough to make a safe trip. They've already had a bit of snow up there.  If she comes, she'll be bringing her "new" dog with her: Thule, an Afghan Hound.  I've not had an up-close-and-personal encounter with an Afghan Hound before. I am very fond of dogs, and they of me (usually), so I'm looking forward to meeting her.  How my cats will react is another matter.   YD has two cats, so perhaps there will not be too much mayhem.

Post post edit: Another call from YD this morning.  They are not coming for Turkey Day; maybe Christmas.  Shoot!

* *
Gardening Daughter received a brief telephone call on Sunday evening from her son who is in Coast Guard boot camp.  We think it was a "morale call;" he has a bad cold and is feeling generally yucky and down in the dumps.  I know that boot camp is difficult, both physically and mentally.  I'm keeping him, and the others in his class, in my prayers.  Only about 4 weeks to go. His group is due to graduate on December 10. Hang in there, "M.!"


Suldog said...

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday is magnificent, and filled with as many of your favorite people as your house can hold. And that tart from the other post... YUM!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope your Nebraska daughter does get to come home for Thanksgiving --along with your grandson and granddog.... ha.. That will be so special!!!!!

I will keep your grandson in my prayers. Boot Camp can be ROUGH... Hopefully, he will be fine!!!!

We are getting some much-needed rain here also...

Thanks for the recipe...

Snap said...


Thank your sister for the recipe. I know you are disappointed YD and GD (grand dog) won't make thanksgiving, but Christmas is just around the corner (YIKES).

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh rats, that is a shame they can't come. Well Christmas isn't that far off.
Good that the Afgan is familar with cats but still be vigilant. Mighty has two cats to play with and enjoy but if a strange cat appears, he sees it as walking breakfast.

NitWit1 said...

Sorry the guest postponement for Thanksgiving but hope you have a great one.

We may go to Senior Center which desperately needs our dollars and only $5/MEAL which will be more thna I need I am sure.

If not I have a turkey thigh which is more than enough for two and some stove top.

My medications seem to be taking hold so maybethis ablation procedure can be a tad mo re in the future.Until I learn more about it from some recipients. I have talked to two. It is not always a complete cure, but allows more comfort, less chance of stroke but still take meds.

Thanks again for calling me while in LR.

And we survived barely 4 trips to LR in 30 days. Luckie went with us on the one day trip and Best Friend did the most of the driving.

Jewels said...

eHello Pat! I was reading on Patti’s blog that you like Yul Brynner. He gets my vote too! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!