Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butterflies - No Memories

 Butterfly on my Butterfly Bush

The days of this month (and year, for that matter) have evaporated like dew in the morning sun.  I believe it to be a true observation that the older one becomes the quicker the time seems to pass. 

As I look back on what I have (and have not) accomplished in the past 31 days, I can give myself credit for: keeping some semblance of order and cleanliness in my home; major furniture rearrangement in my living room; a bit of downsizing by identifying and donating several household items, large and small, to family or charities; preparation and successful completion of another (well-attended, thank you) Stamp Camp; and quite a bit of work in the church office as I prepare for the transition of our financial records and other documents to a newer (not new) computer.  Oh --- and I spent about 2.5 hours yesterday morning weeding the "north" flower beds in the church garth (and I have the aching muscles to remind me, today and for several days to come, I fear.)

However, when I think of the things that I ought to have accomplished as well, I don't feel much satisfaction.  As I am wont to say "Whose fault is that?"

Gardening Daugher called me a couple of days ago, excited about discovering a chrysalis in her yard, one which she had not seen before.  A bit of research on Google led her to believe that it is the chrysalis of a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly. If any of you readers have information to the contrary, we'd like to know it. Thanks.

The photo below does not do it justice.  In the sunlight, the "points" on the outside glow like molten gold.  I was interested in the fact that the "spider web"-looking strands around the chrysalis are spun by the caterpillar itself to protect the chrysalis.  Daughter is keeping a close eye on it, hoping to see the butterfly emerge.

Gulf Fritillary (?) Chrysalis

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ahn-wee' -  lassitude, listlessness, languor, weariness

I am stricken by all of the above, and I blame in on what seems to be interminable HEAT! When the heat index is 120, I don't want to do anything except wear loose clothing, set the air conditioner thermostat to "meat cooler," sit in my chair, look out the window and sip cold, sweet tea!  Even that wears me out so much that I have to take an afternoon nap!

I wish I had a big bowl of this:

I have seriously neglected writing to this blog, and appreciate those who have missed me.  At present, I'm not doing anything that's worth writing about. It had been so long since I posted that my sister called to be sure I was still drawing the requisite number of breaths.

I make myself go outside to tend the bird baths and water the plants, which are suffering mightily from the heat. Even an otherwise welcome breeze does nothing except dry them out even more.  A hanging basket watered in the morning requires another soaking by mid-afternoon.

Ah, well!  I will be remembering these days more fondly when the icicles are hanging by the wall!

I shouldn't complain -- really, I should not!  If I stop to think for even a minute about the men and women in our military who are assigned to the Middle East, I remember that they are walking around in flak jackets, helmets, and carrying heavy loads in temperatures that make an Arkansas summer pale by comparison.  God Bless you all, my dears, and keep you safe!  I am ashamed of myself! 

More, later, but not too much later.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lycoris Squamigera

OR "Naked Ladies"

After almost giving up hope of having any flowers this season, I spied a solitary bloom peeping out from behind a basket of Lantana, which I had inadvertently placed on top of the place where I planted several Lycoris bulbs last year (see here for details). It remains to be seen if any of the other myriad bulbs I planted will flower this season.

The dear people from whom I received the bulbs, Carol and her husband of "Coward's Corner with Luckie" told me that I might not have any blooms the first year. Carol shared a gardener's wisdom - "one year to rest; one year to grow; one year to bloom."  Perhaps I am still ahead of the game by having any blooms at all.

The photos above were not taken in situ, as the flower stalk had been severely warped by the Lantana container, so I clipped it and brought it inside to place in my kitchen window, and I love looking at it. 

I'll be closely watching other places where I planted bulbs in hope that some others may show their colors this year.  I do so enjoy these beautiful flowers.