Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Back

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The bloodhounds have been sent to track me down, so I'd better crawl out from under my rock and report for duty.  Where have I been?   I'll try to keep it brief.
In mid-April, I traveled with Gardening Daughter and my six year old granddaughter, Sweetie, to visit Gardening Daughter's son, currently stationed with the U.S. Coast Guard on South Padre Island, Texas. April 18 was grandson's birthday and, except for one year since the day he was born in 1991, I have been with him on each of his birthdays.
Although we didn't get to spend as much time with him as we would have liked because of his work schedule, we had a grand time.  His apartment is only two blocks from the Gulf side of the island, and we girls visited the sea-side several times a day.
So... why the long absence from this blog?  A major bronchial infection reared its ugly head the day after our return, laid me out flat for over a week and robbed me of any semblance of energy.  The medications I was prescribed played funny games with my brain and not only was I gasping for air and coughing my head off, I couldn't find two brain cells to rub together, much less construct an understandable sentence.  You should thank me that I didn't try to compose any posts.
The torrential rain and tornados came and went while I was semi-comatose. The general area in which I live was damaged by both (even the air force base 3 miles away had extensive damage) but not anywhere near that of our neighbors to the east of us. We are very fortunate.
I'm happy to say that I'm greatly improved. I still get winded upon any physical exertion, but I'm feeling better every day and hope to be back to normal soon.
Tomorrow is also a day.


Peter said...

Hello Pat,
Glad you are back! When the Good Lord constructed the first bloodhound, I respectfully suggest that he must have got in a slight muddle somewhere when he ordered the skin! The bloodhound seem to go through life with brows wrinkled up in a look of puzzlement as to the miss-match between what is on the outside and what is within!

Anyway, sorry that you have been so sick, but I am very glad that your home escaped the tornado damage..., A smallish, by USA standards, tornado hit part of Auckland in NZ recently, resulting in (I think) two people killed, and much property damage. The images of it on the news looked most frightening, and I hate to think of people having to go through that sort of thing.

Lovely that you were able to visit Gardening Daughter's son, certainly a time to treasure.
Hope you are soon back to strength again. Love from us over here, Peter, Laura, Nigella Stopit, and Ginger xx

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Tracy said...

Welcome Back my friend...gosh, that bronchial stuff takes a long time to heal from. I'm fighting the same crud now; UGH and just feel wiped out but no time to be school things to do.

I'm glad you at least were able to do some fun things...take good care!

Arkansas Patti said...

Well now, just who did I pay the ransom to and you weren't even kidnapped??
So glad # one that your were spared the awful damage. I know your area was under seige. # two, that bronchial stuff really gets attached to a person and I am so happy it is finally leaving you. How awful to feel crappy and have the winds howling.
Do take good care and be totally well soon.

Abby said...

Glad you are back - I was beginning to worry! Hope you continue to heal - and post!

NitWit1 said...

I thought about you when I was in Little Rock and the sirens sounded for interminable periods of time, while sitting in the handicapped bathroom on the throne with a pillow over my head, reading my Kindle.

I could not get in the BATHTUB--why a bathtub in a handicapped room? Ask LaQuinta!!

And you were semi-comatose, i.e. zonked out on drugs.

I listened to the TV late into the night to the storm's path.

Believe, me I empathize with bronchitis as I have it chronically with COPD and asthma. It rears it ugly symptoms 1-3 times a year and then you have this long sluggish recovery time. What really irks me as I never smoked.

But kudos to being better and toughing it out. And there is still time for your gardening.

How great you met your grandson and in Texas, too. Padre Island is great recreational area, except during hurricanes. We have friends who winter over in a nearby area.

Snap said...

Welcome *home*! Sorry to hear you've been ill and happy to hear you are on the mend. You are missed when you aren't *home*!!!!! Stay safe and well.


Southwest Arkie said...

You have really been through the ringer- so glad everything coming back to normal now. Take care!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Pat,

I kept noticing that you hadn't posted, and now I feel bad that I didn't check in. Last time you were off of here for awhile it was because you were super busy, but with the storms and all, I was a bit worried.

So glad that you are feeling better now.

Take care,

Kathy M.

JC said...

Pat, Glad to know you made it through the storms. I thought of you and glad to see you are back.

Marvin said...

Glad to read you are on the road to recovery and made it through the storms with no problem. We mostly just had a lot of rain up this direction.