Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1999 Books Read - Last Installment!

The last day of 2011 is almost upon me, and I have recorded neither November nor December books read in 1999. I am a procrastinator, I admit,  but had I not so rudely interrupted myself for the last three months with things other than blogging, I already would have been finished with the (seemingly interminable) list of books I read in 1999.  

Fear not; the list is not long. As I have written previously, I was a voracious reader until I discovered rubber stamping in September that year. The number of books read in a month declined precipitously from there on.

Without further ado:

November -

China Trade - S.J. Rozan
Concourse - S.J. Rozan
Mandarin Plaid - S.J. Rozan
Payment in Blood - Elizabeth George
Well Schooled in Murder - Elizabeth George
A Suitable Vengance - Elizabeth George
Rewrites (audio) - Neil Simon
Catnap - Carole Nelson Douglas
Brewing Up a Storm - Emma Lathen

December - 
Dakota - Kathleen Norris
The Cloister Walk - Kathleen Norris
Amazing Grace - Kathleen Norris

At least I finished the year with something other than murder mysteries.  If you are interested in things of a spiritual nature, I recommend Kathleen Norris' work to you.

                           THE END!

Back later with different stuff.  Tomorrow is also a day!


Jackie said...

I'm impressed with your reading list, Pat.
I'm equally pleased that you discovered rubber stamping. My daughter-in-law loves it...and is quite good at it. She also scrapbooks. I don't do either, but I enjoy the fruits of her labor.
Hugs and Happy New Year to you,

Jinksy said...

Reading is one thing that has to decrease when crafting (and blogging!) takes pride of place - don't I know it! LOL ♥

Mimi Foxmorton said... I a bad blog keeper-upper, or what?

Hope you are well and have plenty of time to read and blog and stamp into the New Year!

Happy Blessings!

The Goat Borrower

Arkansas Patti said...

I don't read nearly as much as you and sometimes I forgot that I have all ready read a book. That ever happen to you. Thankfully, with Kindle, they remind me that I all ready ordered a book.

Snap said...

Happy New Year, Pat! I remember some of your books!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

rhymeswithplague said...

The new books on Mrs. RWP's shelf, thanks to Christmas, are John Grisham's The Litigators and Sue Grafton's V is for Vengeance....

Jeannelle said...

I've read two of those Kathleen Norris books and enjoyed them very much.

Sherry Peyton said...

You are way ahead of me. I think I read 2 fiction books all year! lol..