Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bits and Bits

The temperature seems to be stuck at 32 degrees -- and it's raining, just a light rain, but water nonetheless.   Everything not generating its own heat is becoming coated with ice.  It looks a bit like this:

I took this photo a couple of years ago during a similar weather event.

I'm hoping the rain stops soon.  Right now, the ice is not heavy enough to break limbs and utility lines. We need it to stay that way!

* *
Since I elect not to venture out in this sort of weather, I'm catching up on some household chores that were put off during my Christmas/New Year activities.  How one old woman and one old cat can disrupt the desired order is beyond me.

* *
I've got a loaf of bread baking in my bread machine (love it!) and the house smells wonderful. Warm bread, butter, and some flavored honey that was a Christmas gift will be on my lunch plate.

* *
Tomorrow is also a day.


Jackie said...

I have been contemplating getting a bread machine. I take it that you would recommend one.
Uhhhhmmm. The smell of bread baking would certainly warm up my day.
Stay in and stay warm. I pray that the ice doesn't put the kind of weight on tree limbs to down power lines. That would be catastrophic. Prayers for a safe remainder of the week for you and for thos you love.

Hilary said...

Yum.. for a split second there, I thought I could smell that bread baking. Stay warm and dry, Pat.

Snap said...

It is warming up here. I uncovered plants and unwrapped pipes. Some of the tropicals looks pretty sad, but I'll wait until March before I do any series trimming. It always rains after a cold spell and now I seem to have a leaky roof. Always something. I can almost smell your bread baking -- nothing like it ... comforting for some reason. Stay warm and cuddle up with your kitty! :)

Betsy Adams said...

Good Morning, Hope it is warming up there now. It has really warmed up here… And it rained a bit last night to help get rid of our last bunch of ice and snow.. It was a rough week though---and I'm glad it is over….

YUM---love fresh bread.. It always does smell so good….

Hope you have a great weekend. I'm working on my Family History.

Marvin said...

Our situation up in the northern part of the state was about the same on this day. Some freezing rain, drizzle and fog. We worried there might be enough accumulation to break branches and bring down power lines, but also lucked out with only minor icing.

We used a bread machine for years, but are currently without. The bushing in the bottom of the "bucket" wore out. The bucket's being dropped a couple of time did not help. The machine is still working fine, but is old enough no replacement parts are available.