Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bits of This and That

My week, so far:
Monday, December 1 - My granddaughter Juliana's 4th birthday. She had a great time at her birthday party, as did all those in attendance. She helped make and decorate/undecorate her birthday cake. I suspect that the pink frosting was especially tasty; she just couldn't wait.

She is particularly fond of musical cards, so that's what she got from Grandma (this one plays banjo music), along with more Play-Doh than any mother should have to cope with. Sorry, Jean.

Tuesday, December 2 - Mr. Abraham Lincoln (My Birds Blog, etc.) is home from the hospital. I had a nice note from Mrs. Lincoln to let me know. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery and return to blogging, when he feels like it.

This day would have been my 40th wedding anniversary. My husband died of lung cancer in 1989. Our years together were too few.

Wednesday, December 3 - We experienced a thunderstorm with heavy rain and gusty winds. Probably received an inch of rain in an hour or so. Our priest's Wednesday night homily was punctuated with a lot of lightening and thunder, perhaps to go along with the Gospel reading: ("render unto God the things that are God's.)

My husband's only remaining sibling, his sister, Dorothy, age 88, died tonight after a long illness. She always called me "Sister" and I will miss her.

This morning - Awoke with a sneezing fit, streaming eyes and a slightly sore throat. Oh, no! I'm not ready for a winter cold. I have a big pot of soup on the stove, and I put plenty of hot pepper flakes in it. That ought to cure me. While I was making soup, I put together and baked a meat loaf. That and some mac and cheese are sure-fire comfort foods.

Last night's rain and wind stripped most of the remaining leaves from my Japanese Maple tree. The grayish looking leaves are frost-damaged. It's pure-d pitiful looking. (You've never heard of "pure-d?" My translation: "sure-nuf.")


Sherry Peyton said...

Such a lot in a short piece. I bet the birthday party was fun! Sorry about the cold. Blessings on the anniversary date. I'm sure it makes for a very pensive bittersweet day. Glad your friend is up and better. Take care dear Pat! You are the best!

Hilary said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law, Pat.

Your little sweetie was just trying to ensure that she got the first portion of her birthday cake.

I hope your cold moves on quickly!

Rose said...

Sure was a nice post...feel like I caught up with what is happening with you. I miss it when you don't post, but sure know how it is to try to find the time to get it done some of the time.

Your granddaughter is a cutie...

Rose said...

Oh, I also meant to say sorry for your loss...and also doubly sorry that you lost your husband too soon.

Jeannelle said...

Nice informative recounting of your week. Juliana is a doll! The frosting is a great memory-maker.

Oh, Pat.....yes, you and your husband definitely had too few years together. God bless you at this meaningful time of year.