Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still Here, Still OK

There were actually a greater number of tornadoes in Arkansas yesterday, Saturday, than occurred on Friday. Fortunately, there was not as much damage, and no reported fatalities as of this writing.   Although my locality was under a tornado warning, none materialized in the vicinity. The severe thunderstorms that did accompany the front didn't hit my area until around sunset and, again, there was torrential rain. This morning my rain gauge contained 5.5 inches, making a total of almost 15" of rain in approximately 36 hours.  I should not have to water for a while.

I checked the bird feeders about an hour ago. The finch-feeders remained dry, hanging as they do under the fig tree with its large leaves, but my other two feeders contained a sodden mess of uneaten seeds.  I had to empty both, and pressure-wash one of them, the large safflower seed feeder, to remove the yuck. It's now turned upside down on my patio to dry out.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak, image Wikipedia

A Rose-breasted Grosbeak, who has been visiting for the past few days, favors the safflower feeder.   I just peeked out the office window and discovered that he (for it is a male) has discovered the fresh supply of safflower seeds, and has made himself at home on the substitute feeder, which has a much more narrow perch.  Gladdens my heart, it does. Unfortunately, Grosbeaks are transient birds, so it won't be long until he is on his way.  I've not spied a single Indigo Bunting today; they may have left before the storms.

The sun is shining and there is no foul weather in the forecast, so I'm looking forward to a good week.

More, later.


Snap said...

Thanks for checking in! We worry! :D :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad things are getting better, Pat. After tonight, things should be better in TN also. Have you seen the pictures from the flooding in Nashville??? HORRIBLE.

I hope my home in Crossville can make it through the night... So far --so good for that area I think..

We're at the beach and it's gorgeous here. If the TN weather improves, I can relax and enjoy this week.

Countrygirl said...

Love your bird pictures! Glad you are okay and no fatalities there!

Teacher's Pet said...

The weather is unpredictable...and I'm glad that you are safe and sound, Pat.
The birds coming out and building only one of the wonders of spring that I enjoy. Your photographs are lovely. Thank you for sharing them.
Hugs and smiles from Jackie

rhymeswithplague said...

I just envisioned the University of Arkansas stadium, one side filled with Indigo Buntings and the other side filled with Cardinals. Among the Cardinals were an occasional Rose-breasted Grosbeak or Ruby-throated Hummingbird, visitors from other areas but pulling for the home team.

It came to me all in a flash, like a Goldfinch.

I have never taken a hallucinogenic drug that I know of.

rhymeswithplague said...

I think my "were" should have been a "was"....

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you were spared Pat. We had a bumpy ride here also but only had 2 inches of rain in two days. Feeling blessed.
Was also pleased none of my bird nests were dislodged.

Hilary said...

I'm glad you made it through the storms all right. Always a frightening worry. That bird is a beauty!

NitWit1 said...

we were in Harrison with friends at Cardron Creek Catfish House #2 (#1 is in Bee Branch). They were under a warning and as we left to return to Bull Shoals, northern Marion & Baxter co. were included in a warning along with two Mo. counties.

We all escaped with no damage, although I understand a small tornado touched down in northern Marion Co above BS

It is that time of year!!!

Anonymous said...

Such colourful birds you have visiting your garden, make ours look decidedly dowdy.

Good to have you around.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I'm so very glad you are okay! What a horrible set of tornadoes these turned out to be...and all the flooding in Tennessee...simply awful! Love the Rose-breasted Grosbeak...what a beautiful little must indeed make you happy to be able to help him and his "friends." What a treat to see such a beauty out your window! Thanks for sharing a picture of this type of bird...I don't think I've ever seen one! But I'm going to be on the lookout now! Love you, Janine XO

Suldog said...

If the sun is shining and you have lovely birds to look at, life is pretty darn good for the moment. Glad to hear you're safe and sound.