Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today I Mow,

Tomorrow, I rake.
The next day ... (fill in the blank)
For "Patty-stiltskins" is my name.

I worked in the yard this morning, mostly using the Weed Eater around the edges. I  did pull a few creeping weeds, and trimmed a couple of unruly vines. By 11:30, I was more like soggy toast than a human, so I came into the house to put a cold cloth on my head. My northern European genes have failed me, again.

As those of you who have read my blog for a while have learned, I am a daylily fancier. However, I may have to expand my repertoire of "plants I love" to include Bearded Iris.  Gardening Daughter brought me a few Iris rhizomes from last fall's Iris Society sale. We planted them in the front garden which she created for me.  The first to bloom was the beauty below; its name is known only to God and the grower. 

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There is another one in bloom, but as luck would have it, as I was searching for a name on the one pictured above, I broke off the bloom.  There are a couple more buds on that plant, so I am hopeful that I can get a photo of it. It's a very, very pale rosy pink and the bloom is much smaller than the one that bloomed last week.

I have intentions of attending the Bearded Iris sale coming up this fall!

While I was toodling around in the day lily beds, I noticed that "H-14" (see last June's post, if you're interested, by clicking on the link) has two large flower spikes, and generally looks very healthy.  Hooray! I can hardly wait for that one to get large enough to divide; I can see a home for one of its offspring in the front garden.

In the next few days, I hope to post about my new venture: Hay Bale Gardening.

More later -- when I've cooled off!


jinksy said...

I have a soft spot for these flowers - Flags my gran used to call them- and she always had beautiful blue-purple ones in her front garden. Yours is a queen amongst Irises!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Must be hot in Arkansas!!!!! Glad it's not stormy and rainy though.. I love Irises also--and that is a gorgeous one. Love the colors.

I remember your daylilies from last year. Can't wait to see them again. We have quite a few planted also.

We've had a great time at the beach... Too bad that it's almost over.


Arkansas Patti said...

Someone needs to name that flower. H14 is just not proper for a lovely plant.
I love day lilies also for the lack of care they need. They just prosper and flower unaided.
Will have to see about Irises also, they are lovely.

NitWit1 said...

The iris looks like one in my blog yesterday. I bought a selection of Hybrids some years back. This was on of them There was a Black one and a gorgeous yellow one neithe of which have bloom in awhile. Maybe this year but mo sight of them yet.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I ADORE Bearded Iris!!! Oooh, your garden must be spectacular!!! Your photos are always so amazing! Will look forward to seeing ALL of your photos...and Patty-stiltskins? You are too funny! Such a wit! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!! Love you! Janine XO

Abby said...

Beautiful iris! I have some white ones and some purple ones that came with the house. Looking forward to hearing about "hay bale gardening".

Hilary said...

A true beauty, Pat. I'm so looking forward to seeing all your blooms this year.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just here to say, "Hi!" and to send you a cyber hug... ;-) Love, Janine XO

Suldog said...

Began something you'll enjoy reading about - someday - when I planted a grapefruit seed a few weeks back. It is now growing in a pot in my living room; a little four or five inch green sprout! You have such great posts about gardening, and I usually kill more things than I grow, so thought I'd mention it :-)

Carolina said...

I too have a soft spot for daylillies. And those bearded irisses are just gorgeous. I know they love sun on their rhizomes, so they'll be very happy in your garden.

Have to say that I also think Mr. Brynner's bald head is very sexy.

TSannie said...

Beautiful iris! And just what is hay bale gardening??

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Thinking of you, and sending love, Janine XO