Thursday, October 14, 2010

Even More Stuff and Junk

I was able to work in my yard for several hours last week, a sorely-needed task. The front yard, which I had mowed the week before, was still in pretty good condition, relatively speaking (it has its problems.)  Other than a light shower earlier this week, it hasn't rained for quite a while, and it's the time of year when grass slows its growth, anyway.

The back yard was another matter. I could have fed several head of livestock back there.  I've often thought that city living has its drawbacks, since a nice nanny goat would be of great assistance in keeping the area trimmed down.  It took two sessions, with resting between, to get it all trimmed and mowed, but it looks much better.  I noticed that in areas where the grass/weeds don't grow, the earth was like dust. When I finished mowing I got out the sprinkler and ran it in several areas long enough to put down at least a half-inch of water.  I hope my plants appreciate the impact that's going to have on my water bill.

Until the last few days or so, the hummingbird feeder in the back yard had been taken over by honey bees, which swarmed the openings in great numbers, several hundred at a time. They would completely drain the reservoir in a few hours. I was able to observe them closely without fear of attack; they were too busy feeding to pay me much attention. 

I don't mind feeding the bees; the hummingbirds that had been visiting have fled for more southern climes. I don't know why they "wussed" out after a few days of low temperatures in the high 30 degree range; if they'd waited a few days they could have experienced record-setting high temperatures for October -- eight or nine days in a row in which the high temperatures were in the 90's.  So much for Fall!

Due to lack of rainfall, there's not much color in the neighborhood trees.  There is a red-leafed dogwood a couple of doors down, but you can see from the photo above that the foliage has been stressed.  My own poor Japanese Maple is so tatty-looking, with brown, curled up leaf edges, that I haven't bothered to take any photos.  I've watered it many times over the summer, but the leaves have still suffered heat-shock.


Hilary said...

We've had a pretty cool September/October here. The cottage hummingbirds have been gone since early-ish September. Our autumn came on abruptly after a record hot summer. I hope winter doesn't surprise us this same way. Lovely image, Pat.

Abby said...

Dry here too - the trees are dropping their leaves before color change, even my 20+ year old Crimson King maple. And no frost yet. Unheard of!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Pat, Glad you got your backyard all fixed up..... We are very very dry here also. Rain was all around us the past couple of days---but MISSED us.... Darn!!!!!

Enjoy your Fall... We went to the Smokies today --and had a great time. Pictures next week.

Jinksy said...

We've only just got Autmnal temperatures of 13'C, after swanning around at 20'C or more for the past couple of weeks. Choosing what to wear is a nightmare!

NitWit1 said...

Autumn skipped into winter with hardly any notice. We are spending the majority of Nov. traveling to Little Rock. Last trip (I HOPE) Monday.

It was 28 deg when I arose at 7 a.m.

We had two heavy frosts.

Husband and I are literally worn out driving. MONDAY is a one day trip and Best Friend and Luckie are going. BF will drive a lot of the way. Luckie and I plan to sleep in back seat a lot of the time.