Friday, October 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made For *

I have a lovely next door neighbor, the one I've mentioned before who was so kind to feed me during my illness earlier this year. She and I visited across the fence the day I was going to work in the back yard (yesterday's post). She expressed concern that I was wearing sandals because she had observed several snakes in her back yard, and had killed one she described as a "ground rattler" on her patio. I eased her mind by assuring her that I would dig out and don my snake-resistant "rubber boots" before beginning my tasks.  I'm happy to say I didn't observe any snakes anywhere in my yard, but there are some unmowed areas where they might be lurking.  I suppose it doesn't hurt anything to be cautious.

 My person, as seen by a charitable observer, would be described as "matronly." I'm well padded from my shoulders to my knees, but that's where the padding stops. I still have trim calves and ankles (I think), and long and extremely narrow feet.   Both my father and mother had very slender feet and, evidently, I  inherited a double dose of  genes which resulted in my having "spaghetti feet." I've never in my whole life had a pair of shoes that really, truly fit.

I used to dream of running away to Italy and ordering ten pairs of custom-made shoes, a luxury which has been denied me, so far, and with no prospects of it happening in my lifetime.  I make do with what I can find, locally and on the Internet, but even a 4-A (slim-slim) shoe is still far too wide. I must have been behind the door when God passed out size 7-B feet. 

Gardening Daughter also has skinny feet, but not quite so narrow as mine.  When I was responsible for keeping her shod, it was quite a challenge to find shoes for her that came anywhere close to being a good fit. My other two daughters can buy shoes almost anywhere, as their feet are "normal."  I'm jealous.

As you might imagine, my boots don't fit my feet, either. I have to wear three pairs of socks just to keep them from falling off.

*someone with wider feet


Jinksy said...

Oh, those boots made me drool! But my extra wide, square toed tootsies would never make it into them, I bet. There is no justice where feet are concerned!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty cool, although I think they'd scare my sheep half to death! And snakes, now they would scare me half to death!

CJ xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw crap, the computer 503'ed my comment.
Basically said I too have skinny feet and sympathise with you completely.
I used to say that I could ice skate in my bare feet though age and spending most of my life on my feet has broadeded them a tad.
Envy those who can buy from a catalogue or the internet. Can't ever remember a "good fit."

Snap said...

Love those boots. I like a pair to wear when it rains .. can't find any small enough. I have small feet that are too wide. Ptuiiii I say!!!!! I don't droll over shoes, just try to remember how *pretty* shoes make my feet HURT!!!! I'm with Jinksy ... no justice!

rhymeswithplague said...

Are those ocelot or jaguar or cheetah boots or what?

My mother was able to find, at a very high price, Naturalizer shoes that had a 4-A toe and 5-A heel. Of course, that was over 50 years ago.

My own feet are A width, although I usually have to settle for a B if I can find one. Most men's shoes these days are about a D.

I sympathize with your plight.

TSannie said...

LOVE those boots!

Anna said...

Fit be damned, wear those boots every chance you get!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That's something I did not know about you, Pat... I didn't know that you had such tiny, narrow feet.... I'm sure it is hard to find shoes to fit....

Glad you are wearing the boots when you are outside working... You don't need to encounter any snakes... Yipes!!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Hilary said...

Now those boots should certainly startle any snake or small mammal you might encounter. I love them! Too bad it's so difficult for you to find a proper fit though.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

PAT - I didn't write the last ad-spam "comment", honest! I was simply intending to comment on your trendy, leopard print boots. Are they designed like that to deter snakes? I would have thought they'd have been covered with mongoose fur.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Yorkshire Pudding -- I'm afraid Arkansas snakes would not be in the least deterred by the print pattern on those boots. It's the rubberized material, quite thick and heavy, that I don't think snake fangs could penetrate, at least I would hope not! I bought these particular boots because they were the least ugly of the ones available.

rhymeswithplague My father's feet were A width also. He had one pair of dress shoes which fit, and he tenderly cared for those for many, many years, having them resoled and reheeled and keeping them well polished. I can't remember him ever having a new pair of shoes. Otherwise, he wore work boots with a double layer of socks.

Jinksy I'd bet your square-toed tootsies would fit right in!

CJYour sheep would propably scare ME half to death! :)

Arkansas Patti Hugs! Narrow feet are such a pain -- in the pocket book as well as in the shoes.

Snap I hate damp feet; I need to make a practice of wearing them when it rains.

Betsy Tiny feet I have not -- just narrow.

TSannie Thanks! They are "Apple Blossom" brand. (what a silly name for wildlife print boots)

Hilary They sometimes startle me, too! I have no fear of not being find them, though.

Anna Unfortunately, I have to consider the fit -- but I'll try to wear them more often, especially this winter. I even took them along in the car today, along with my camera, in case I saw something worth photographing and would have to stand in weeds to do it. No luck, though.

Peter said...

Hello Pat,
I am finding it increasingly difficult to find shoes that will fit my feet.... mine are too wide apparently! I never had much of a problem, but most shoes that come into New Zealand these days are made in China, and the sizes seem to have got narrower, and narrower. The larger sizes of men's shoes that are in the shops now look really odd to me, just like bean pods! I used to fit into a size 10 shoe or 10.5, now I can have trouble getting into a 12. I love the boots in your photo, and I imagine that any snake seeing those coming would just move aside quietly and gaze in admiration!!
Hope your health is improving.
P xxxxxxx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Well, you may have trouble finding shoes to fit...but you certainly don't have trouble picking out shoes with extraordinary style!!! Fantastic!!! Glad that you didn't see any snakes...Do keep safe!!! Love you! Janine XO

Marvin said...

Cool boots! I have the opposite problem when it comes to buying rubber boots. I usually have to buy at least a size too large in order to get them wide enough.

Saz said...

here is moannies new blog

saz x

Suldog said...

Thanks for the link love concerning Thanksgiving Comes First, Pat! Much appreciated!