Monday, October 31, 2011

Books - October, 1999

I've been away, both physically and mentally, for about six weeks. Not only have I not posted, I haven't done my usual and pleasurable visiting of others' blogs. My apologies to my friends; I've not forgotten you but, perhaps worse, neglected you.  I would like to say that I'll change my ways immediately, but that would be more of a wish than an actuality.  I will say that I'll try to be back on a regular schedule as soon as I can.

This post will finish 10/12ths of the (seemingly) interminable list of books I read during 1999.  Aren't you glad the year is almost over?

I must have had some time on my hands that month, as I count 17 books and 1 book-on-tape on my list.  You may be relieved to learn ahead of time that the list drops off significantly, with only twelve books read during the remainder of that year.  I didn't keep reading records after that, so you'll be seeing no more similar posts.

Dover Clip Art
Without further ado:

Watchers - Dean Koontz
Last Days of Summer - Steve Kluger
Thrones, Dominations - Dorothy Sayers & Jill Paton Walsh
Murder at St. Adelaide's Gerelyn Hollingsworth
Murder & Other Acts of Literature -  an anthology
The Sixteen Pleasures - Robert Hellenga
Candle for a Corpse - Ann Granger
Murder at the Watergate - Margaret Truman
Dr. Nightingale Comes Home - Adamson
So Faux, So Good - Tamar Myers
Quaker Testimony - Irene Allen
Murder Among Us - Ann Granger
Dead Over Heels- Charlaine Harris
Biggie and the Mangled Mortician - Nancy Bell
The Pilot's Wife - Anita Shreve
Lucy - Jamaica Kincaid
A Torrid Piece of Murder - C.F. Roe
ICON - (audio) - Frederick Forsyth, read by Stephen Lang

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Tomorrow is also a day. Thanks be to God.


Jeannelle said...

Good to see a post from you, Pat! Looks like an intriguing list of books. I've read Murder at the Watergate. Used to keep a reading list and wish I'd never stopped!

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Pat!! So good to see you.
Continued good reading to you.
It's always wonderful to hear from you and to know that you are doing well. Take care, my friend.

rhymeswithplague said...

Welcome back to Blogland! You have a lot of mandatory catching-up reading to do on my blog!

George said...

We've missed you. I'm envious of the amount of reading you got done in this one month.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well I was just about ready to head south and look you up. So good to see you posting again.
Welcome back.
As always, an impressive list.

Hilary said...

No worries, Pat. Enjoy your days and blog when the mood strikes. Good to see you though.. just so we know you're okay. :)

Countrygirl said...

Pat........been missing you! Glad to see you back on here again! We

rhymeswithplague said...

I have heard of Dorothy Sayers and Margaret Truman!

Elizabeth said...

Take care of yourself, Pat. Blessings. x

Marvin said...

It's good to hear from you, Pat. I too have been very much absent from blogland over the summer, though I have no excuse other than I've been involved with a variety of other activities. Take care.