Monday, May 6, 2013

Bits and Pieces

   John F. Kennedy Rose                           

For the past four or five days I've been plagued by vicious upper respiratory symptoms, made worse, I'm sure, by the dust I raised in the whirlwind attack on my craft room, about which I so cheerfully reported in my last post.  Since I subscribe to the "germ theory" of disease, I assume I picked up the responsible virus/bacteria a few days before I started the cleaning frenzy. Whatever/whenever/however acquired, the resulting symptoms caused an immediate cessation of my cleaning activities.  Although I've not felt ill enough to confine myself to bed, I have dozed, a lot, in my recliner, consumed quarts and quarts of various hot and cold liquids, sneezed and coughed until my ribs are sore, and kept the "Puffs" folks in business.

Missy cat stayed by my side most of the time, not demanding to be outside -- which was a good thing, since the weather was not conducive to outside activities, even for a feline.   Our area, like much of the country, experienced a sharp drop in temperatures from those earlier last week, and on again-off again precipitation.  Just rain here, thank you. Nebraska daughter reported another 2"-4" of snow on her acreage.

A cat has only so much sympathy and patience, and yesterday afternoon being sunny and temperate (in the high 50's) she demanded to be outside.   Having spied a few white roses from my kitchen window, I ventured out with her and found not only a bush full of roses but that my 'wet foot' Iris had bloomed.  (I'm sure this variety has a real name, but Gardening Daughter, who gave it to me, described it only as needing to be in a moist place, unlike many other irises. Adjacent to the back yard water tap seemed to be as good a place as any.) The iris is in a bed next to the wall and immediately under my kitchen window and thus not visible from it.  I'm happy that I ventured out; I would hate to have missed its blooming.

"Wet Foot" Iris

The new leaf growth on my JFK roses has me somewhat puzzled.  The leaves are at least twice the size of last year's leaves and, if my eyes don't deceive me, the rose blooms are at least half again larger.  (See rose photo; that's my not very small hand behind the bloom.) Also, the iris seems to have grown quite a bit taller since last year; perhaps the Christmas snow contained a tonic. 

Tomorrow is also a day.


bittenbyknittin said...

So sorry you have the creeping crud - I'm on day 10 of coughing up my lungs, with a doctor's appt this afternoon, as I have had enough. That iris may be a blue flag - they grow in marshes. Hope you feel better soon!

Snap said...

Hope you are feeling better. Your rose and iris are lovely. It is good to get out!

Jackie said...

Stunning rose...and equally stunning iris! They are hugs. Yes, I agree. Something rained from heaven and gave them a good dose of "big and beautiful"... Wish you could catch it and save some to share so that my roses and lilies could look half as lovely.
I do hope that you are feeling better. Upper Respiratory Infections seem to hang on a lot longer than we want them to. Glad that you posted the beauty you found outside. They are absolutely beautiful!!!

Jackie said...

*huge* not *hugs*...
Like I told another blogging friend, I do my best proofreading AFTER I hit 'send.'

Anna said...

Hello Pat! Just caught up on your recent posts; sorry to hear you are under the weather this week. Hugs!