Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These Foolish Things Remind Me --

At lunch time today, I found the refrigerator lacking in leftovers, having consumed the last of several "I'd like a to-go-box, please"  meals yesterday evening. I'm currently involved in a much needed sorting/trashing/cleaning activity in my stamping/crafting room, and didn't want to take much time out to prepare a meal. When I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll.  

I did spy a partial jar of Marinara Sauce in the frig that needed to be used soon and so I decided to have pasta, the skinny, quick cooking variety. 

After the pasta had boiled for the recommended time, I tested a strand or two to determine if it was ready.  That simple task reminded me of --

Why should cooked pasta remind me of her, you might ask?

If you never played, or your children never played, any of the Carmen Sandiego games, you missed some funny, but educational playtime.  If you are familiar with the elusive Carmen, you will, of course, remember one of her henchmen --  Al Dente!

OK.  I'm up and away --  back to the craft room.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Peter said...

I am reminded of my own journeys of exploration into the mysterious regions of our own fridge..., the area towards the backs of the shelves that is hidden by other things! Sometimes what is found there is so frightening, that there is a temptation to leave it and run out of the room! Our freezer is worse..., it helps me understand how woolly mammoth remained intact and uneaten in ice for several thousands of years!

I was able to follow the link to Carmen Sandiego and become an instant expert!

Kind Thoughts from us, P & L xx

Hilary said...

Ha.. my older son loved Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

Snap said...

Where in the world .... !!!! My fridge is looking a little sparse. I might have to do something about that! My cleaning this week deals with cookbooks ... first pass -- one stack of those I can not part with (yet) and one stack of all the rest. Progress!