Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Warning: Run on sentence!
Although Tuesdays are my days to volunteer in the church office, this morning, after opening the curtains, looking outside and observing the ice glaze on plants, trees, driveway and street, and icicles hanging on utility wires and roof edges, and remembering that my Mama didn't raise a fool, I made an executive decision to stay home!

Perhaps I shall bake bread and make a pot of soup, instead.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Betsy Adams said...

Oops... Glad you decided to stay inside. Ice is no fun. We had some yesterday morning.

Your bread and soup sounds perfect today!!!!

Foggy morning here on the Cumberland Plateau. Have a wonderful day.

Peter said...

Brrrrrrrr..... cold! Glad we are still having summer here! Bread and soup will definitely keep out the chill.

Marty said...

We are currently approaching inch number eight of our ten to fourteen inch predicted snowfall here in Massachusetts. I am also thinking about cranking out a batch of bread.Now what do I have around here that I can turn into soup?

Hilary said...

Proof that you are indeed a wise woman.

Jackie said...

Smart girl! Your Mama raised you well!
I look forward to spring, and we don't have ice or icicles or snow. I can only imagine that you are looking forward to it, too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Smart decision! blessings, marlene