Friday, April 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Wild Violets - my backyard

Item: First, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my granddaughter. While not completely free of all symptoms, she felt well enough to return to school on Monday after her release from the hospital. She has been to school every day this week, taking her own home-prepared food for lunch.  Even after all the tests, including the nuclear scan a week ago, no conclusive diagnosis was made. Gardening Daughter says she doesn't know whether to continue to be frustrated by the lack of a diagnosis or just to be thankful that her prayers were answered and there is nothing seriously wrong.  It's still a more than slightly troubling puzzlement.

Item: I had hoped to get some much needed work done in my back yard during my blogging break. Alas, it was not to be. I was first hindered by the onset of cold, rainy weather which lasted for days; I think that, until today, we had only about 10 minutes of sunshine during the entire week.  We had a brief hail storm one afternoon; I could see the effects of it when I finally got outside. The tulip magnolia blossoms  are really tatty looking and a couple of early blooming Irises also showed damage.  The second hindrance was that the older I get the more severe my pollen allergies become and they hit in full force on Saturday.  I chose to exit the church service right after the sermon on Sunday because I was, in my opinion, being disruptive by my almost continual sneezing and subsequent tissue use.  Amen - sneeze, sneeze, sniff, sniff, honk, honk!  I made an immediate trip to a pharmacy for some Claritin; it took a couple of days for that to kick in, but most of my symptoms are allayed and  I'm feeling like a human again.  I have decided that I should never be without some Claritin on my medicine shelf. I probably should start taking it when the trees begin to bloom, and before my symptoms become severe.

Item - regarding the photo above: One of my blogger friends "Mimi Foxmorton,"  The Goat Borrower, posted this morning about wild things, particularly wild violets.  She likes'em!  I'll let you read the details of how much she likes them.   I like them, too, and have allowed them to take over a good-sized section of my back yard.  I don't mow in that area until the violet blooms are gone. I've offered to send her some roots; her neighbors will not be amused.  Can you imagine? -- there are people in the world who consider them weeds!

I can't remember when I haven't liked violets; I like the dark green of their leaves, the variegated purples and violets of their blooms, and their fragrance.  Ahhhh!  

Unearthed from somewhere in my memory is the image of Joan Crawford, fur stole thrown about her shoulders, and wearing violets on her furs.  That memory brought to the forefront another memory, the melody and words of the song, "Violets for Her Furs."  I leave you with this rendition (with a change in pronoun) by Miss Billie Holiday.

If you liked the melody, but Billie Holiday is not quite your cup of tea, you might enjoy this YouTube instrumental rendition by the John Coltrane Quartet.

I hope you've had a wonderful week, and are looking forward to a great weekend.

Tomorrow is also a day.


nanny said...

Your picture didn't open for me, but I know your violets are beautiful.
I'm glad this cold dreary week is coming to an end. The sun is finally coming out and I love it.
Hope your allergies are disappearing with claritin....have a great weekend!

rhymeswithplague said...

Your picture didn't open for me either, but I will go to Mimi Foxmorton's blog and try to see it there.

I thought I liked Billie Holliday, but I didn't care for this particular cut. However, listening to Coltrane is like listening to my son! Thank you! (Actually, my son sounds a little more like Paul Desmond from the Dave Brubeck group.)

Hilary said...

Ditto about the picture. I know that many bloggers are having woes trying to get images to show.

I'm happy to hear that your granddaughter is doing better.

I wish I had known about this song when I did my rainbow images theme... so much nicer than "Sweet Violets." ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

I don't know what you did, but the violets are beautiful!

TSannie said...

Every time my grandmother sent me a letter, she always included pressed flowers. My favorite was always when she included violets. Violets and Lily of the Valley are my very favorite flowers.

Certainly good to hear your granddaughter is ~better~!

Elizabeth said...

Oh those violets are wonderful, Pat. I can smell them. It takes me right back to when I used to pick them from the hedgerows as a child ...and I felt really grown up when someone gave me a pack of Devon Violet scented notepaper as a present.

I'm so pleased that your grandaughter is so much better. Sometimes these things happen just to remind us how precious people are, I think. x

Marvin said...

I'm glad to read your granddaughter is doing so much better, though it must be frustrating to no know the cause.

How could anyone not like violets?