Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blessings on You, George Ballas

"Who is George Ballas?" you might ask.  If you already know, give yourself 100 Brownie Points. 

Mr. Ballas is my favorite person right now.  Why?  Because he invented the

This morning, after I'd had my first cup of coffee, the temperature was 70 degrees.  Dry. Light breeze. A perfect morning for mowing the jungle that passes for my back yard.  It is bad, folks; really bad -- weeds knee-high in spots. 

Upon opening the shed door I immediately had to dodge some wasps who were busy creating their paper nest on the inside of the door frame. Did you know that wasps do not like WD-40? I couldn't find the can of wasp spray so I grabbed the WD-40 and gave them a spritz!  Voila!  Wasps gone!

I retrieved the gasoline container, filled the lawnmower, checked the oil, primed the carburetor, and pulled the starter cord -- and pulled the starter cord and pulled the starter cord.  Nada!  I think I need a new spark plug!

Now, when I'm in the mood to cut grass, I'm gonna cut grass!  Ta-Da!  Weed Eater to the rescue!  It's doing a more than passable job.

I spared this particular weed just long enough to get its photo. Amazingly, it was the only dandelion seed head I saw in the yard.

I'm writing this during a cool-down period.  Swinging that Weed-Eater makes me 'glow.'

I hope you're having a great weekend.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Pat,

Good for you in getting all that done! Cute dandelion too.

Have a great weekend,


Snap said...

Glowing here, too....high near 90 today ... let's not talk about humidity post!

Arkansas Patti said...

My sun bonnet is off to you Pat. You go girl. I'd rather take scissors to the grass than use a weed eater. They kill my back.

George said...

Obviously it takes more than a bad spark plug to stop a determined woman. Not even wasps can deter her. (By the way, thanks for the tip concerning WD-40!). You got a wonderful picture of the dandelion.

Tracy said...

Ahhh, a woman after my own independent soul! I love it!
I hope you are able to move tomorrow :)
Enjoy your Sunday!

Marvin said...

Still haven't cranked up the lawnmower nor pulled out the Weedeater, but I won't be able to but them off much longer.

Great shot of the dandelion bloom!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Pat.... I didn't know that wasps don't like WD-40. See what I learn from blogging....

Sorry about your lawn mower. Hope you get it fixed soon. However, I'm sure that the weed eater worked well!!!!!!

We are constantly trying to keep the Dandelions out of our yard... BUT--when the neighbors don't --we get all of the seeds in our yard... ha


Jingle Poetry said...

what a lovely glow...
bless your day.