Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I was watching TV last night when my attention was diverted to a scene outside my front window. The evening sky was a most glorious color. Not wanting to miss a photo-op, I arose, picked up my camera and ventured outside. The photo above was the first photo.  As I stood, amazed at the colors on Nature's canvas, in just two minutes the scene had changed to this:

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I haven't tinkered with the colors in any way. I did change the ISO from 100 (first shot) to 800 for the second one.
* * *

I'm down in my back, again.  I've been arising early to work in the yard, trying to get some things done before the heat drives me indoors.  On Monday morning of this week, I must have applied too much "vigorish" to my weeding which, because of my knees, is done in the least ergonomic manner one could imagine: I brace my feet and bend from the waist to do my weed pulling. 

Uh, oh!  Something that I shouldn't have stretched stretched, or moved out of its normal place, and I've been paying the price for my folly ever since.  Muscle relaxers and Aleve don't seem to make much difference. The weeds seem to know that they are safe for the time being and are laughing behind my back, I'm sure.   About all I've done since Monday is to keep the birdbaths and feeders replenished and to water those plants that must be watered if they are to survive.  Otherwise, my yardening activities are severely curtailed.

* * *

I noticed yesterday that the blooms on the oakleaf hydrangea, which is very near the birdbaths, have changed from snowy white to an interesting greeny-pink, as evidenced below.  I find the aging blooms quite beautiful.

Oakleaf Hydrangea Bloom

* * *

I've been letting the cats come into the back yard with me when I go out in the early mornings. They are quite enjoying the experience and, for the most part, are content to wander inside the fenced area. The only escapee is Missy, my solid black mama kitty, who takes great delight in hopping the fence, sitting down in the neighbor's yard and looking at me as if to say 'nanananabooboo'.  Fortunately, I don't have to stress myself trying to go get her, as she soon tires of agitating me and hops back over the fence, albeit with a smug look on her face.

* * *

Tomorrow is also a day.


Sherry Peyton said...

Your photography is as always exquisite. Hope your back is better soon. I tend to weed in the same manner, and my back is always a problem for me as well. Age has its drawbacks alas.

Abby said...

Lovely pics! I know what you mean about weeding and back pain. The other day I noticed my retired neighbors weeding - he had knee pads on, she was using a kneeling pad. I guess they have learned an alternative method of weeding. I think I am going to get some knee pads to try. Hope your back is better soon.

Snap said...

Beautiful shots. The sky is incredible. I don't get to see the sky much with all the trees and buildings in the way. I miss the rising and setting parts! I like the pink of the hydrangea, too. I know all about back problems ... too well. Take care and perhaps Missy will help you weed in exchange for adventure in the neighbors yard?!!!!!!!!!!


Arkansas Patti said...

They are both awesome but that second one is suitable for framing. Just beautiful.
I am so sorry you have put your back out. I am a bad backer also and weed the same as you which doesn't help.
Do take it easy and do the back exercises if you can. That is what gets me back moving again.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I am so sorry about the pain - and have absolutely no suggestions except rest, rest, rest. Your pictures were exquisite. blessings, marlene

Marvin said...

Beautiful photos of the sky, especially the bottom one. Living down in a holler means we don't have a good view of the evening sky, but it also mean our garden is in the shade during the late afternoon, which makes working out there much more endurable.

Hope your back is getting better.

Jingle Poetry said...

bless you.

Rose said...

I feel you pain with your back...mine aggravates sometimes if I sleep over 6 hours, but once I am up and moving around, it goes away.

Rose said...

Oh, I meant to say your sunset photos are stunning!

Jinksy said...

Your flower pictures are always a delight, Pat, but sorry about the back m'dear! May it soon return to normal -whatever that is, eh? LOL