Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent Visitors

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Youngest daughter, Shelley, who lives in Nebraska, and whom I had not seen in person for almost a year, arrived on June 1 for a ten-day visit, accompanied by her 16 year old son and a very large Afghan Hound (photo above.)

I had shuffled things around in my small home to allow for their accommodation, which included an oversized kennel, borrowed from Gardening Daughter, for Thule (pronounced 'Too-lee'). I'm happy to say that she didn't balk when it was time to use her private quarters, which had been placed in the room where Grandson was to sleep, even though she would have preferred to sleep on my bed, which I shared with Daughter. 

Thule is an extremely large dog.  Having her here was much like having a Shetland Pony lumbering about the house. Fortunately for all, Thule is a gentle giant.  She barked when she thought she needed to protect my daughter, but otherwise was a very well-behaved guest.

Thule is used to a more active lifestyle in her home town, where there is a large dog park where she is allowed to run free, so Daughter walked her several more times each day. I didn't accompany them; by mid-morning, the heat index was in the 90's, and my mama didn't raise no idjit. During these other, shorter, walks, both Daughter and Dawg returned with their tongues hanging out.

We had a great time -- which about wore me out.  Daughter rose every day just before 6 a.m. (some time before my usual getting up time) to take Thule for a long walk. By the time they returned, I was up and working on my second cup of coffee. She and I had an opportunity for good visits each morning before Grandson was up and about, then we putzed around the yard, or watched TV or just talked.  On several days we worked on projects around the house which had been a bit much for me to undertake on my own; I don't have as much muscle as I used to have.  I'm happy with the results, and very grateful for the help.  I got rid of a bunch of stuff, and that makes me happy, too.

We made one excursion out of town, to see my sister in Hot Springs Village (Thule stayed home with a sitter).  Other family members and friends visited here, and we had supper in the homes of my other daughters a couple of times.   Daughter helped me prepare for a Stamp Camp, which was held on the Saturday before they left.  She said she enjoyed doing some stamping, and putting together packets for me (I did all the paper cutting), and I'll take her word for it.  I was happy to have her assistance.

My grandson cooked supper for us one evening -- a Paula Deen recipe he brought with him, Tilapia with Basil and Tomatoes. It was fun to help him assemble all the ingredients (we had only to buy some Tilapia fillets, I had everything else on hand) and to watch him prepare the dish, which was delicious.  Perhaps he'll pursue a career as a chef. :)

He's a neat kid!

They are all back home safely, after a thirteen hour trip which included several detours and at least one back-track because of the flooding Missouri River.
I was glad to have them here, and glad to have them back home safely.  I'm planning a fall visit to their home in Nebraska (it's too hot here to go now and leave the responsibility for caring for my garden to others).
That's about it.  I miss having a morning coffee buddy.
Tomorrow is also a day.


Peter said...

Hi Pat,
So good to catch up with your news and to see both "Dawg" and grandson! Both charming! Thule brought back memories for me of some people we knew some years back who had an Afghan Hound (or two, they bred them!). Their huge dog would sit outside the house and occasionally (to our friend's embarrassment) take a lazy looking swat with a large paw at a small bird if one happened to be flying at a daring low altitude. Sometimes paw and bird would connect, with comic or disastrous consequences for the little avian adventurer, depending how well connected the paw to bird connection was! By-the-way...if you want to come and stay somewhere cool.... our expected high tomorrow is 6 degrees Centigrade (42.8 degrees F). P & L xx

Snap said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit and I'd love the tilapia recipe! We are setting temp records almost everyday... it's not August yet! Egads!!!!!!!!!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

What a wonderful visit. Your grandson who cooks will be a very popular fellow.
You daughter is smart to see to the Afghan's exercise. They really need it. My nephew has one that gets almost none and the dog is viscious from frustration.

Moannie said...

Hallo Pat. I have been lax in my visits recently and feel particularly bad about you as you were the very first person to visit and leave a comment on my pristine blog all those four years ago. Sounds as if you and I are both feeling our ages, but like me, you get things done.
Seems as if you had a lovely visit with your daughter and Grandson [what a terrific chap, and he can cook]
Sazzie will be down again in July for a visit and we will do all the things we both love, together. One of the joys of age is seeing your children mature-and watching the grand-children grow and change.

Rose said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful is a relief when you know they make it safely back home, isn't it.

NitWit1 said...

Quite a beautiful elegant hound! I would be falling all over her because of size; especially if like Luckie she is right behind you.

It is 107 degrees near where my brother lives in TX. Texas heat is the next thing to hell but it is early for these astronomical temps. However in 1980 when we moved here we had a simular usually hot year. It was 112 deg in Denton Tx and 102 here. I wondered if I made a mistake in moving here. Our electric bill for May was 45 kWH, almost double last year. We have used some additional kwh with the nighttime oxygenator and I run the central air fan some days full time to dry out humidity but the compressor is not on all the time.

My eyes are seeing better every day, not that I was anyway near blind, but colors and hues surely are more evident. Even My washed clothes looked brighter.

Except for the 28 day 3 kinds of eye drops routine in addition to glaucoma ones, the surgery is amazingly easy.

Patty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Beautiful looking dog by the way.

Countrygirl said...

Sounds great! So glad that they came and everyone had a wonderfultime!!!

rhymeswithplague said...

We once had a dog named Tasha (short for Natasha) that was supposed to be "part Afghan" but when she grew up she turned out to look more like an Irish Setter with soulful eyes. I see those eyes in your photo of Thule.

In a few months we will have our first sixteen-year-old grandson. At fifteen, he is 6'1-1/2" tall and wears a size 14 shoe. As far as I know, he does not cook.

Jinksy said...

Lucky you to have a cooking grandson! My eldest granddaughter is beginning to show an interest in the cakes and cookies department of the kitchen, so there's hop for me yet...