Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Blogger's Beginning - Post 1

(You can skip this part if you wish, it's just background)

For the past couple of months, I've spend an inordinate part of my waking hours reading other people's web logs. Most have a common thread: the art and craft of rubber stamping. However, along with the inspiring photos of their creations, tutorials, tips and tricks, and "enabler" links to vendors of whom I had never before heard, most have taken time to share something of their daily life, present or past, and their hopes and dreams for their futures. Serendipitous benefits of all my browsing in the rubber stamping-related blogs have been the many links to other blogs, some of which have nothing to do with rubber stamping at all. They are fascinating!

It's the discovery of those other sites which has encouraged me to begin my own journal of remembrances. At age 73, I am still blessed to have a good memory that, at present, goes back quite a long way. I decided that while I still have that capacity, I'll jot down a few random remembrances of my life, along with some current happenings. Fear not! I'm not going to post a chronological listing of all my life's events. Some are best forgotten, anyway!

Perchance I'll even become brave enough to share some of my own attempts at art with the Internet community. I hope at some time my remembrances will be of interest to my family, and perhaps to others, as well. I don't make any assurances that they will be "fascinating," however!


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