Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paper Cuts - Post 5

I've become a hard-core blog addict! There, I've confessed. I love reading other people's blogs. I make more and more delectible discoveries every day by following imbedded links. The blog of Michele Boyer, is one I've been reading for a while. She has the most darling card posted today. Go check it out! Too, too, clever!

I've said before that certain words/sounds, etc. often trigger my Poetry Muse. While Michele's blog did not trigger anything, the title of her blog reminded me of a poem I wrote years before I discovered her posts.


Quite unexpectedly, I saw your picture
Printed in the local paper; and
Underneath, a simple statement:
"Mr. and Mrs. Jones announce
The marriage of their daughter to...."

I carefully removed the photograph and text
And placed it on the last page of our album
Just opposite the snapshot of the two of us
Standing side by side with arms entwined,
Our faces lifted to each other.

As with tear-dimmed eyes I closed the book,
I realized that even paper cuts.

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