Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Those Who Have Left Comments - Many Thanks - April 26 - Post 9

I've been blessed to have several wonderful comments left on my posts. Thank you, everyone. Other than to leave a comment on your own blogs, which I have done in a couple of cases, I don't know how to reach you personally, so I figured a new post here might be one way to communicate.

I apologize for not acknowledging your comments sooner. I thought I had my blogspot set up to let me know by e-mail when a comment was recorded; such is evidently not the case because I have to go back and look at each post each day in the off-chance that someone has visited and left a message. I'll have to get that problem corrected -- the present situation is not acceptable.

Bob B. - I've just discovered your comments on Posts 8 & 2. Thank you very much. I am a great admirer of The Prairie Home Companion and Mr. Keillor, but have lived in ignorance of the fact that they have a web site. I'll visit it soon, and I'll be sure to read your entries; your writing is admirable.

Paula, CountryGirl, Ranch Wife, Jennifer, Cottonpicker -- Thanks for your kind comments, ladies. I enjoy your blogs and glimpses into a life I might have had if God had not taken me in another direction (from New Mexico to Arkansas!) A part of me misses the great outdoors, especially New Mexico, where I spent my formative years (age 6 - 16), but most of me is quite content to have worked indoors in a nice air-conditioned bank for most of my life.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


TSannie said...

Hi there Pat - I'm so peased you've stopped by my little corner of this old blog thing. Your visit is appreciated!

Just read your ironing post. What history! For you to write down your life here - what a gift to your family! We just lost my mother in law and I have a thousand questions I wished I'd asked her!

"JEANNELLE" said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I looked at your profile....."Tootsie" is one of my favorite movies, too!

I get email notification when someone leaves a comment on my blog, so if you go to your Settings page, you can click the box so that will happen, I think.

Hilary said...

Hi Pat,

I loved your tale about the day your brother was born. It expressed that innocence children feel when they know something is going on, but clearly have no idea just what it is. Thanks for that nostalgiac nudge. And thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to return here often. :)

Also, if you go to your settings, and click on the comments tab, you'll have the option to enter an email address at the bottom of that page. You'll get all comment notifications after you "save settings."

Paula Yaussi said...

Hey Pat! I moderate all my comment since I've had some not-so-great ones left on my blog - Settings in the place!

Enjoying friendship through blogging!