Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Highly Recommended Reading

The news from  Japan following the natural, and man-made, disasters has and will continue to dominate the headlines for some time to come, as it should.  The Japanese people, and those who have come from all over the world to try to help them, many risking their own lives, remain in my thoughts and prayers.

I have a potter friend in New Zealand, Peter, who, in his most recent post, supplied a link to the blog of another potter, Euan Craig, an Australian who now lives and works in Japan.  Mr. Craig and his family live just north of Tokyo.  I have spent some time this evening reading the posts which he published in the hours following the earthquake.  I highly recommend them to you.

If you choose to read these, remember that, as terrible as things are for them, Mr. Craig and his family are among the fortunate ones.

I close with this thought:  "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  -- John Wooden

Tomorrow is also a day.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thank You, Pat.. I will check out Mr. Craig's info... That is straight from the spot, isn't it????

I get so disgusted at some people in this country.. They are worrying more about themselves (about the radiation problem) than about helping Japan. PUH LEASE---let's help Japan first and quit worrying about ourselves right now... GOSH!!!


Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks Pat, I was on my way to Peter's blog. I have visited a few Japanese blogs and what they are going through is unimaginable.
They need all our prayer and support right now.
The blogging world is such a wonderful one and really shrinks the world.

Snap said...

Thank you, Pat. I am now following Euan's blog. I remember the city of Mashiko from some of my art history ... a "potting" stronghold ... such history. He had a wonderful teacher before he started his own kiln.

George said...

I'm on my way to Craig's site now, but I just wanted to thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Elizabeth said...

That is an amazing first hand account, Pat. Thank you so much for directing us to it. x