Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Den of In-Ink-quity ...

... is otherwise known as my craft room. When I first occupied this house in 1990, the room, which is located just off the kitchen and contains the doors to my back yard and to the carport, was set up as my den. The furnishings included a sleeper sofa, a comfortable recliner, a side-chair for extra visitors, bookshelves that actually held books, and a television set.

In 1999, I discovered the world of rubber stamping, and my cozy den soon became a thing of the past. When I first started stamping, most of my supplies would fit into my office closet. It didn't take long for me to outgrow that space, so I soon converted the den into my stamping room. Over a period of several years, I've managed to fill it almost to capacity.

Four eight-foot shelves that hang on the wall, plus several free-standing units, hold boxes of stamps and stamp sets, which after 12 years of acquisition are too many to count. Multi-drawer units, about a dozen of them, hold papers, ribbons, embossing powders, and other accessories. Three six-foot tall bookcases line the back wall. Tools of the trade occupy the shelves of one of them. Boxes of envelopes, reams of specialty cardstock and other 'have-to-have' items almost fill the other two.

Gardening Daughter helped me convert an old library table into my stamping surface. The sturdy table, which made the journey from New Mexico to Arkansas in 1950, has been raised another 6" on wooden blocks to allow me to stand to stamp, which is sometimes preferable, or to sit on a bar-stool and have the surface at the proper height. The top is fitted with a 3' x 5' piece of three-quarter inch plywood, upon which I stamp, and where I keep my most often used supplies (inks, pens, colored pencils, glue, tape, scissors, bone folders, a small paper cutter, etc.). Several drawers of  the legal size file cabinet next to the table hold yet more card stock, the colors I use most often.

Between the stamping table and the back wall is a revolving, four-sided cabinet with shallow shelves on which I store additional ink pads and other items. (A few of the shelves, and a few of my ink pads, are shown in the photo above. Someone, not a stamper, once asked me why I had so many ink pads, to which I replied, "They are all different colors!)

When I walk into this room, I am completely surrounded by my obsession hobby.

What brought all this on, you may ask? I’m in the midst of preparing for another Stamp Camp. I will be up to my eyeballs in paper, ink, and stamps for the next couple of weeks.

I’m not abandoning my blogging, however, since it will be a relief to write about something other than stamping. Aren’t you glad (that my posts will not be about stamping)?

Tomorrow is also a day.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat I'm very curious...I'm sure you make greeting cards but are there other things that you do with stamping? Scrapbooks? Or are scrapbooks entirely a separate thing? I see so much pretty stuff in the scrapbooking area at Hobby Lobby and have even bought a few things here and there...not for scrapbooking but for other things. blessings, marlene

Janie B said...

Isn't it great to have a place to put all your equipment?

Pat - Arkansas said...

Stitching - I could scrapbook. Goodness knows I have enough photographs to fill dozens of books. I have just never been bitten by the scrapbooking bug. I buy quite a few 'scrapbook' papers, but I usually cut them up for card parts. Many of my supplies were acquired because I used to hold workshops in my home to teach rubber stamping techniques. I still co-host Stamp Camps for which I furnish all the materials for from three to twelve cards for 15 to 30 participants. Do I let that deplete my supplies? Oh, no. I just order more. If I live long enough to use all my supplies, I will set a new longevity record!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love it, Pat, when someone has a passionate hobby like you do... I am passionate about my Genealogy --but just don't take enough time to work on it like I wish I could. I guess I just have too many other hobbies also... ha

Keep up the good work and enjoy your stamping.

Tracy said...

WOW! It's like having a rainbow filling your room! That looks beautiful!
I've never gotten into stamping but mainly because I wouldn't want to give any away; not everyone is 'card worthy' as one of my friends says. :)

Hilary said...

So colourful. It's great that you have the right space for your passion. Enjoy your upcoming Stamp Camp. I have no doubt you will.

George said...

I'm glad you are so enthusiastic about your hobby. I've been told that things like this keep us young. I hope you enjoy your Stamp Camp.

Arkansas Patti said...

I always enjoy your clever titles. Quite creative.
You really are a serious stamper aren't you?
I tried it once and enjoyed it but could see where the supplies needed could bottom out my budget.
When I see all your ink pads, I can see how it could grow.
Wonderful that you have such a pleasurable hobby and the place to enjoy it.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I can smell all that beautiful ink from here.......!

Anna said...

Not a stamper but I LOVE the wall of colors. And the way the containers look, with their glossiness. Nice.