Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Response

In the comments section of my "Full Plate" post, a regular visitor (thank you, rhymeswithplague) wrote as follows:

"Just what all did y'all have at the picnic? I see what look like tomatoes (unless they are strawberries), but I'm having trouble identifying the other foods. English peas? Chick peas? Apple pie? Potatoes? Corn fritters? Inquiring minds want to know."

I started to reply in the comments section, but when my response began to reach 'post' length -- well, here you are:

Dear Rhymeswithplague,

That was not my picnic, not my photo. In other words, I have no idea.   The photo is as close as I could find on the Internet of a plate that's running over -- the way I felt when I got home last evening.  These days, I don't handle very well any interruptions to my normal routine.  Can I say "set in my ways?" Or, worse: "Lazy?" 

In the past ten years of retirement, I have become a creature of habit and voluntary solitude, which I choose to call 'Peace and Quiet'; not necessarily a good thing.  I would be perfectly content to follow the same (slothful?) routine day after day after day, doing only what suits me -- when it suits me.  I never (or hardly ever) protest anyone's request for my time and efforts,  if asked; I just don't handle it very well after the fact.  

Granddaughter is still sick, still hospitalized, without a conclusive diagnosis. The physicians will not release her until she is able to retain some nourishment, preferably some solid food,  which she has been unable to tolerate (read: keep down) for almost three weeks. Her mother, Gardening Daughter, is almost at wits-end.  I know that you're a praying person; please add Jessica M. to your prayer list, and add her almost frantic parents, too. 

In the absence from home of Gardening Daughter and son-in-law, who are taking turns at the hospital so as to have one of them with her 24 hours a day, I am pulling more than the usually-sporadic Sweetie-duty.  While I love my granddaughter dearly, it's been a long time since I've had to spend more than a couple of hours at a time in full charge of a six year old who has enough energy to wear the horns off a brass billy goat.  "Please sit down and be still for a while" is not on her agenda, as it should not be on mine.  Ah, well. What doesn't kill me will make me stronger, or so I've heard.  

If I feel like my plate is currently too full, I also remember that "my cup runneth over,"  but that's another thing entirely,  for which I'm very thankful,  and which  makes my perceived overly-full plate a pauper's portion in comparison.

Tomorrow is also a day.  


George said...

I've heard that the energy of a young child is the reason God's plan calls for two parents. Your extra hours with Sweetie-Pie certainly qualifies as a full plate.
We will certainly keep Jessica and your entire family in our prayers.

Snap said...

goodness, Pat ... a full plate for sure. prayers for all ......

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---that would qualify as a VERY full plate for you.. My friend Judy has twin grandsons --and she keeps them alot. It totally wears her out... SO--I understand what you are going through. Sometimes I don't think our kids know that we don't have the energy that we used to have.

I will pray for your granddaughter. She has really had a hard time. Do they know what is wrong with her??? Bless her heart.

Keep us posted--and take care of YOU.

Hilary said...

A very full plate. Sending best thoughts to you and yours.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

My daughter has chronic health problems and 4 children ages 14 to 9 months! She was in hospital last week so I did double duty, working full-time, and babysitting-I am exhausted!
Bless your family and especially your little granddaughter. Pray they come up with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for her!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been where you are and remember it well. Our bodies don't respond as we want them to ( they did a few years ago). We get tired much quicker and that makes the plate seem full. Thankfully you've also recognized that your cup is running over. I'll lift up your granddaughter, her family, and her grandmother for sure. blessings, marlene

Arkansas Patti said...

The young really do have boundless energy don't they? Sure don't envy you and you have the added worry with the sick grand child.
My sister years ago when in high school had a similar bout and ended up under a ninety pounds before she turned the corner. Hopefully todays Drs can find the cause and get her back on track.
She is in my prayers and I will put you in them also for a little extra energy.

Elizabeth said...

I remember well my own two late daughters being hospitalised and what an upsetting and worrying time it was for all the family. Dear sweet Pat, you are all surrounded every moment by our prayers and love. The Lord is there and He does understand.
I pray that you will all feel wrapped around in the love of JESUS at this time and that His healing, restoring power might be upon Jessica.I pray, too, for a hedge of protection around the whole family, that you might be annointed and blessed by the Holy Spirit and that you will be given the strength you require to get you through.
We serve a mighy God who has known Jessica since she was a dot inside her mum's womb, He knows her inside out and He WILL work His purposes out in the amazing Name of JESUS,who died not only for our sins but also our sicknesses - by His stripes we are healed.
Stay strong, Pat; as difficult and hard as it is at the moment, remember Easter Sunday ALWAYS follows Good Friday. X

NitWit1 said...

I have missed few posts and am horrified your granddaughter is so ill.

Hope and pray the physicians find a cause. I know you are frazzled from so much added agenda but we'll all pray you have the stamina.

I am losing lots of faith in physicians with my current malady, and almost chose to go TX, but decided to allow a LR one attempt at the procedure.

I fully understand how we uncertain we can be if someone is getting the best care.

I hope you have a nearly impty plate soon.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Dear Friends Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words, and for your prayers. I'm such a 'wuss' -- feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of just one little girl, when there's nothing, nothing! that's more important for me to do during this time of family stress.

If all the troubles and sorrows of the world were placed in one heap, and we could choose any of them, I'm sure we'd be very happy to take back our own.

Marvin said...

I will keep Jessica and her family in my thoughts, hoping for her recovery. Even though you're feeling the strain, I'm sure you are doing an excellent job of handling your full plate.

Rose said...

I hope they find what is wrong....and can help her.