Friday, December 7, 2012

My Mind's Not (Quite) Gone, Yet

I sit here at the computer listening to some of my favorite jazzy music by Spyro Gyra (love'em!) on my newly gifted MP3 player, an early Christmas present from my son in law, Gardening Daughter's husband. That sweet guy braved the Black Friday madness in the middle of the night to acquire it for me.  It's an early present because he wanted me to have something I like to listen to while I walk the treadmill at Cardiac Rehab.  The tunes I've downloaded should do nicely; great tempo  -- not a lullaby among them.  I figured out that I could load the same ones more than once, so I don't have to listen to the whole album (although I like them all), only my best-est favorites. I'm gonna have a ball at Rehab; I will no longer have to listen to The Price is Right while I exercise. Yay! 

I know, I know; loading music onto an MP3 player is like falling off a log to you younger folk but, at my age, any (even) low-key techie stuff sometimes breaks me out in a sweat. I'm always afraid I will blow something up.  The first time, back in the mid 1980's, that I took the shell off my computer to add a chip of some sort, I nearly passed out! As you can tell, I survived, and I'm happy to say that the computer did, also.

I well remember the first time I heard music by Spyro Gyra. I was in a Hasting's store to buy a book (back in the days when I actually bought books). I took notice of the music on the store's speaker system and was immediately intrigued.  Upon inquiring of the clerk, I added that particular CD to my collection, and subsequently bought several others.  I see from looking at the Wikipedia article (link to Spyro Gyra in the first paragraph) that I am missing a good many of their albums.  Looking at my stash, I count only seven of the 20 CDs listed in the article. Perhaps the gaps will be filled one of these days; perhaps not.

My taste in music is eclectic.  I have almost an equal number of jazz and classical music recordings and a good number of what can be described as 'easy listening.'  I'm also fond of New Age (think Narada), and ethnic music, with strong leanings toward Latin and African recordings.  I'm attracted by the rhythm of the latter.  I have only a few recordings outside those groups. Those were usually purchased because of one or two particular songs.

Anyone out there familiar with Silk?  Dave Grusin?

I need to stop this be-bopping and go to bed.  (Perhaps Spyro Gyra will help me get my vacuuming done in the morning!) 

Tomorrow is also a day.  


Arkansas Patti said...

What a thoughtful gift. Aren't they wonderful? I came late to the table also about a year ago and love those tiny rascles. It really does make exercise fun, even takes the chore out of housework. Enjoy.

Snap said...

Wonderful gift from your son-in-law. Sounds like he is a keeper!:D :D Spyro Gyra, Dave Grusin, Narada ... yep! I've been trying to wade through all the CDs and get rid (off to Half-Price) of those I don't care for. The keep stack is much larger than the "go" stack.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Hugs to you this (and every!) day!


Hilary said...

That's a very thoughtful gift. It sounds perfect for your needs. Dave Grusin... I used to have the Night-Lines album, featuring the Theme from St. Elsewhere and a lovely piece sung by Phoebe Snow called Somewhere Between Old and New York.

Peter said...

Your blog inspired me to visit the Spyro Gyra website and I greatly enjoyed listening to their music and reading the band biographies, some very, very clever musicians. Glad that you are enjoying the music, and I am impressed with your mastery of MP3 players... that technology has still not reached our household..., my first gramophone had a handle to wind, and I had a stack of 78 rpm records that someone gave me... it only seems like yesterday!! Pxx

rhymeswithplague said...

I have been away for a few days in the mountains of western North Carolina and missed several of your posts. The only group you mentioned that I have heard of is Spiro Gyra (one of my son's favorites -- I must be much older than you). I did see that Dave Brubeck died last week, one day before his 92nd birthday.

I did cardiac rehab 17 years ago and I'm still here....