Friday, January 21, 2011

My Travels - Part 1
By the Sea, By the Sea,
By the Beautiful Sea

The Mediterranean Sea as seen from the coast of Crete

This afternoon, I started going through some boxes of old photos -- you know, the kind of photos we had before the digital age.  I'm a pack rat, and have hundreds and hundreds of photos, in boxes, manila folders, large envelopes, etc.  Most of them bring back very clear memories of the time and place; some I struggle with trying to remember where, who and, oftimes, why I took the photo and why I still have it.

One of the photo boxes, the sort that is wider than a shoebox but about as long, was almost full of photos I took during a trip to Greece.  While this was not the first of my travels, these are the photos I came across first, and so this is where I shall start.

In the Spring of 1993, I was fortunate to spend almost four weeks visiting my daughter and her family on the Greek island of Crete.   Her husband was stationed at the Iraklion Air Station with the U.S. Air Force. They had, at that time, two children, aged 5 and almost 2.  They had been there not quite a year when my son-in-law was notified that the Air Station was being de-activated, and they would be transferred back to the U.S. in the fall.  They called me to let me know that if I wanted to visit Crete, this was the time!  So, I renewed my passport, arranged to take the four weeks vacation due me all at once, packed my bags, and off I went!

The flight to Crete was uneventful -- at least until I got to Athens where I encountered a troubling and unexpected delay, about which I will post later. It's a tale in itself. 

My departure from Athens having been delayed,  I arrived on Crete around midnight on March 31, 1993.  My son-in-law picked me up at the Iraklion Airport, and we drove 14 km to the smaller sea-side town of Kokkini Hani in which they lived. Arriving in the middle of the night, I caught no glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea, and was most anxious to see the body of water that was so prominent in Ancient History.

Unfortunately, I did not keep a journal of my daily activities, so my photos are not in chronological order. I'll also have to consult my daughter as I proceed with my "Crete" story, since she will remember things that I have forgotten.

For this first chapter of  My Travels, I just wanted to share a few of the photos in which the Mediterranean can be seen.

Yes, it's really that color

My granddaughter

A tiny sea-side church - Crete

More, later. Tomorrow is also a day.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---how smart you are, Pat... I love that last sentence!!!!! ha ha

You are one lucky lady to have gotten to visit Greece. Glad you have found some of those photos... Can't wait to see more. What a beautiful area.


George said...

I've always heard that the color of the Mediterranean Sea is amazing, and your photos surely prove that. The first picture is both beautiful and gorgeous. I look forward to hearning more about your trip and seeing more pictures.

Marvin said...

I agree, that water is amazingly blue. Looking forward to more from Crete.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh, how I love the sea..almost more than anything. I would rather be on a ship than anywhere else in the world! Josh Slocum sailed around the worlds with a goat! :)
There are pics of me on the pirate ship at my other blog
That wee church in your photos looks like such a peaceful place!

Fair winds to you this day!

Snap said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful blue! I need to go through photos, but I figure I'll be doing a lot of *going through* soon enough. I'll enjoy your trip down memory lane and your visit to Crete. There's something about water that is so calming (until Mother Nature stirs things up!) .......

Carolina said...

I've been to a Greek island once and thought the people were very friendly and the sea as blue as the sea can be.
Smile about 'tomorrow is also a day'

Arkansas Patti said...

How fortunate for you to have visited such a historic area. That sea color is amazing.
Can't wait for more pictures and the story of what happened in Athens.

Sherry Peyton said...

Sounds like a great trip and the sea color is amazing!

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful island Crete is, and the sea is definitely not as dangerous as the sea in Australia, where my daughter lives. There are no crocs and probably no sharks either.

Teacher's Pet said...

I came here from your recent blog...and....sigh....I could stay and look at these photos forever! What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL place. You are so blessed to have been here, Pat.
One day.....perhaps one day, I will be able to travel to this portion of the world. I want to...