Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year- Day 7 - Still Windy, Snow in Forecast

Still Windy - January 7, 2011

The sky in the photo above looks a great deal like the sky yesterday -- mostly blue, with a few puffy clouds and some streaky clouds blown by the wind, which is still quite strong today. The mail delivery person (to be politically correct although it was actually a mail-man since this person was of the masculine gender) caught me in the front yard with the camera to my eye.  I felt I had to explain that I was documenting the new year by taking a sky photo every day.  Now -- lest any readers feel panic creeping up on them, just because I take a sky photo every day does not (necessarily) mean that you will be looking at 365 sky photos in 2011!

Staying with the "windy" theme for just a 'mo, and since I'm still reveling in having learned how to upload videos,  I offer you a rendition of my #2 favorite "Wind" song:

Gogi Grant was a pretty woman, and had a beautiful voice.  Too bad they weren't making videos back in 1956, when this was recorded.

Earlier in the day, the temperature was in the low 60's, but it's supposed to SNOW on Sunday!  If you don't like the weather around here, just wait a while.  We shall see what we shall see.

I called my physician's office this morning to request new written prescriptions for the medications I take daily.  This is an annual exercise; my medications haven't changed in several years, but the prescriptions must be rewritten every twelve months, and January is the month.  What has this to do with the weather, you might inquire?  The clerk in the doctor's office to whom I spoke told me that it might be Tuesday of next week before I could pick up the prescriptions because "We're supposed to have snow, you know, and the office may have to be closed on Monday."  

Arkansans, by and large, don't react very well to snow or ice.  I suppose I have to include myself among them, at least when it comes to ice.   However, only one time in the last 40 years of my working life did I miss work because of the weather, in this case about 9" of snow -- not because I couldn't/wouldn't get out and about, but because my mother's "sitter" couldn't make it to my home to stay with her.  Since retiring, I generally have the luxury of just staying in when it snows.  If I'm in a particularly mischievous frame of mind, I can stand in my open doorway and listen to tires squeal as drivers try to make it up the inclines on the freeway, just a few blocks away.

That's it for this 7th day of the new year.  Tomorrow is also a day -- and happens to be my son's 52nd birthday.


Arkansas Patti said...

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to post a sky picture every day.
I thought of your when I saw the forcast. I do hope you get it for it looks like it will miss this area all together. Rats.
I shouldn't be greedy for we usually get the best ones, but we like all of Arkansas, we need water.
I am so delighted you have decided to post more often. Such a treat.
That was a neat song and I remember her well.The good old days when we could undersand the lyrics.

richies said...

I hope it doesn't snow too much, We will be driving back to Arkansas from Fort Worth, TX Sunday evening

An Arkies Musings

Southwest Arkie said...

I got my snow groceries yesterday and beat the crazy I will wait and watch as Arkansas always see if we get a pass, a dusting, or a major ice storm.
Happy Birthday to your son!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Pat, Also LOVE that song... The 'oldies' are always my fav's.... thanks.

Tennessee shuts totally down at the sight of a snow flake also... Our schools are closed more than they are open in winter. Don't know how kids learn anything...(Maybe they don't).. ha

We have LOTS of snow up here this morning. Glad we don't have to get out!!!! It's pretty and the birds are feasting at the feeders and bath.

Have a great weekend.

rhymeswithplague said...

Your weather forecast sounds just like our weather forecast: lots of wind now, lots of snow in a couple of days... (and by "lots of snow" we in the south mean 6 to 8 inches of the stuff).

I remember Gogi Grant too! As a singer (which I sort of am), I hold out the vowels, not the consonants. Gogi, even though I enjoy the quality of her sound, does just the opposite:

The resssssstlesssss wind...

And he was born the next of kinnnnn, the next of kinnnnnnn to the wayward winnnnnnnnd.

Maybe that's just a characteristic of "pop" singing.

I'm not being critical, just making an observation. I do like her voice.

And I like your sky photos too!

Moannie said...

I love all the old songs, and the old singers. That's what sets me apart from the younguns. Songs with words you can here, with melodies you remember.