Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - Day 3 - Saving California and Other Stuff

Pre-Twilight,  Day 3 of the New Year

I didn't give myself a holiday from work, after all, but I didn't rush to be there at 9 a.m.  That would have been somewhat an impossibility, anyway, as I didn't wake up until 8:55. My long nap yesterday did not prevent me from sleeping for over nine hours.  After easing around for a while to loosen my joints and put some caffeine in my system, I finally made it to the church around 10:30.  I worked for about three hours, then went to a late lunch with Friend "B", who has just returned from a week-long cruise to Jamaica and Cozumel with family and friends.

I've never been on a cruise.  Ever the pessimist, and not being able to swim, I concluded some time ago that if anyone were to go overboard from a cruise ship, it would be me -- so I don't take the risk.  I won't go to California, either, holding a long-standing conviction that the San Andreas Fault will become highly active the minute I cross the state line, and after massive destruction, California will become an island.  This conviction precludes my ever seeing the Redwoods and Yosemite but, hey --  I'm potentially protecting millions of people by staying away. 

I looked after "B"'s two cats while she was away.  I've learned not to try to pick up Boots, the big male. The last time I tried it, I got a nasty bite on my index finger, developed an infection akin to blood poisoning and ended up spending 24 hours in the hospital while I was pumped full of intravenous antibiotics. It's not that Boots doesn't like me; he lets me stroke him and winds himself around my feet and legs, purring.  He just doesn't want anyone but "B" to pick him up.

Her other cat, Miss Sugar, is a beautiful, pure white little lady who is also a fraidy-cat.  "B" has had her for 3 or 4 years, and I think I've been able to pet her only a couple of times, and then only if "B" is nearby.  She didn't let even "B" hold her for almost two years.  During my visits last week, Miss Sugar hid herself, or most of herself, under a covered table.  She thinks that if she can't see you, you can't see her.  Funny kitty!

After lunch, "B" and I ventured out to our local big-box store where the church has an account.  Among other things, I'm responsible for buying the janitorial and office supplies for the church.  I've had a note on my desk from the janitor since the second week in December, telling me that paper towels, toilet tissue and other necessities need to be replenished.  The pre-Christmas weather was so wet and cold that I didn't make the purchases, but kept an eye on supplies, just in case.  Although it's still chilly, at least it's dry. Pouring rain is not conducive to trying to unload several cases of paper goods.

While we were out, and just because we could, we stopped at the nearby Barnes & Noble emporium to look at Nook/Nook Color readers.  I was more curious than anything else, because my sister gifted me with a Kindle for Christmas.  The main difference that I could see is that the basic Nook has a larger reading screen than the basic Kindle, but at a higher cost -- not much, but higher.  The Nook Color costs significantly more, but offers the opportunity to view magazines, children's books and the like in color.

Whether any of that is a significant advantage, I don't know, because I've not yet activated my Kindle. Sister bought me the straight Wi-Fi version which, because I don't have access to a wireless network, I am unable to use. Sister encouraged me to send it back to the place she bought it. With the company's prior approval, I have done so. She is going to upgrade my device to the 3-G model which does not require a wireless connector; a generous offer which I accepted.  It will be sometime before all the exchanging is done, but I hope soon to have a report to share.

Thus endeth the third day of the New Year. 


Elizabeth said...

Just to wish you a very Happy New Year, Pat. Thank you for your visits to my blog, your kind words and encouragements. x

Snap said...

I know Boots and Sugar ... just different names! :D :D
You had a busy Day 3! We are getting hair cuts today ... between the rain drops.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you get that Kindle going. I adore mine. What a wonderful gift. My sister gave me mine.
I have a weak signal here and often have to drive 4 miles down the road to a local church to even make a cell phone call. The pastor there calls his parking lot the local phone booth.
There my Kindle gets 3 bars and loads easily.
I do believe Amazon has the best selection of books to choose from. Most of mine are free books from new authors.
Enjoy it Pat, it makes reading a pure joy.

Abby said...

I sometimes cat-sit for my neighbors who have four. One hides from me, one is old and deaf and doesn't hear me come in; I sometimes look for her, just in case. The other two like to be petted, but I've never tried to pick them up. After your blood poisoning story, I think I will let them be!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Pat, I didn't know you had so much fear... Just think of the things you are missing out on... Cruises are wonderful--and you would love them. AND--you can stay away from the 'edge' if that is what you are afraid of. Just my 'humble' opinion... ha ha

George and I usually go to bed about 11 p.m and get up about 7:30... WELL--we seem to be getting lazier... Today, we didn't get up 'til almost 9:00... GADS---what's wrong with these retirees?????? ha

My youngest son got a Kindle for his daughter for Christmas. I loved hearing that --because I love the fact that more kids are reading.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Betsy from Tennessee

John 14:27

I'm really not much afraid of anything, just cautious in some specific areas of my life. LOL

Hilary said...

Cats certainly are crazy and wonderful beasts. Glad to know your New Year is going well. I wish you and yours much happiness in 2011.

Marvin said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing your part at keeping California part of the contiguous 48 states.

rhymeswithplague said...

I'm with you on the cruise thing and the California thing. A person can't be too careful....

I now have NAKE (Nook and Kindle Envy) big-time but it will probably be a while before I get either if I have to pay for one myself.

Suldog said...

Well, I was going to comment here, but I see that the previous post is Steak For Breakfast. I want to hear about that, so I'll go there :-)

Sherry Peyton said...

Have you vowed to post everyday of the year? I like the format! Like a diary for the year!