Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Friend, Indeed

The yard police won't be sending me a letter this week, thanks to a good neighbor.  He came across the street yesterday afternoon with his heavy duty riding lawnmower, which handily gobbled up the overgrowth in both front and back yards. What a difference!  It's safe to walk about, again.

I fear a new lawnmower is in my future.  The one I've used for years, which was already well used when I acquired it, has seen its best days. It's almost too heavy for me to use, even if it is self-propelled.  I hope I can find a lighter weight one which has enough power to tame my jungle.

I still need to use the trimmer around the edges, but that's a task for later -- after the tax returns are filed.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Snap said...

Good to have handy neighbors!

Jackie said...

Virtual hugs to your kind neighbor.
Have a beautiful weekend.

rhymeswithplague said...

My tax returns are done, but I still loathe yard work. That does not exactly follow as the night the day, but it is true nonetheless.

Rotsa ruck on finding a suitable mower. I prefer to pay some neighborhood boy who will not scalp the Bermuda like the last one (neighborhood boy) did. I may have to spring for an actual professional lawn service if the "recovery" continues. Anything but do it myself.

I do love lovely yards and beautiful flowers, I just want someone else to do the work.

Hilary said...

Good neighbours are a blessing for sure.