Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Season Is It, Anyway?

I turned on the air conditioner this evening after I "broke a sweat" just sitting at the computer with Missy Cat on my lap.  It's snowing in some parts of the U.S. but it was almost 90 degrees here today!  

I might have just opened a window to let a bit of cooler air inside, but there is so much pollen in the air that it's visible even to these old eyes. My dark green automobile has a heavy chartreuse colored coating. Driving the speed limit in the neighborhood doesn't seem to budge it.  I guess a rolling car gathers more pollen.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Arkansas Patti said...

Good to see you posting again Pat. I am just coming off of a blog break I took to whip my yard into shape. It gets harder each year. Still not done--is gardening ever done, but I have most of the big pieces completed.
We have the green stuff up here also. So far, this year, no allergies. Maybe I have finally adjusted. Enjoy the warm. Guess tomorrow will be rough weather again. Stay safe.

Jackie said...

Here too!
A/C is running full blast...90 degrees this week. Sigh....and the pollen!
But...God is good and knows what is best for us, so I go with the flow!
Hugs and love,

Hilary said...

Wow.. now that's nothing like here. Keep cool, Pat.

rhymeswithplague said...

Pat, just in case you don't usually return to a post after you have left a comment (some people do, some people don't), I want to tell you that I have asked you a question over in the comments section of my San Jacinto post and I'm dying to know your answer.