Thursday, April 11, 2013

All's Well Weather-wise

We had a willy-waw of a rain storm yesterday, in two installments, early and late, complements of the latest winter storm. The severe weather in Arkansas passed to the west and north of us in mid-afternoon.  The small town of Clinton, where I graduated from high school, and the surrounding area suffered considerable damage, whether from a tornado or fierce straight winds I know not at this writing. Most of the photos shown on TV are of mobile homes, of which there are a plentitude on the outskirts of town.  I've no longer in touch with any one with whom I went to school, so there are no dear ones to worry about, but I'm sorry for those who were affected. No deaths reported so far, and only a few injuries, despite significant damage. 

This morning, I spoke with youngest daughter who lives in eastern Nebraska.  She reports a newly-fallen additional 4" of snow at her place.  Like many other areas of the country, they had been enjoying very temperate weather for the last few weeks.  She's been preparing her new garden space, but had nothing in the ground but onions and carrots.  They should survive the snow all right.  Time will tell.

This time yesterday, our temps were in the high 70's.  At this writing it's 45 degrees. My feet are cold.  This cold spell won't last too long, and I hope it dries out, soon.   The chickweed is so thick in the back yard that it's like a blanket over the grass. I haven't heard from the city fathers, yet, but the front yard could use a hair cut -- when it's warmer.

Tomorrow is also a day.

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rhymeswithplague said...

We are about to receive your late storm. Our high yesterday was in the 80s and now the prediction after the front passes through is morning temps in the 40s.

I so wish spring would get here -- and stay.

It is so good to be reading your blog once again....