Friday, April 12, 2013

Crunch Day

"Julia Child" Floribunda Rose
(photo from my LG Phone)

Gardening Daughter brought me this beautiful rose the evening we buried Sweetie Pie.  It eventually will be put in the ground over her grave.  It's a lovely old fashioned rose, with a very strong sweet fragrance of licorice and spice (so the tag states; to me, it just smells like all roses should smell.)  The buds open to a deep, sort of orangy-pinky-yellow, and fade to a light cream color (the tag states "Butter Gold.")  I love it already. 

GD and I transplanted a "Lady Banks" climbing yellow rose from her garden to my fence last year, but it has not yet bloomed. We shall see what we shall see.  The few other roses I have in the yard are white (John F. Kennedy), pink (Dainty Bess) and one of those continually blooming "Knockout" roses -- deep red in color.  I am extremely fond of yellow roses; I don't know why I didn't plant one when I moved here.  Ah, well;  now I have one.

Today is Crunch Day...the day I acknowledge that I simply cannot put off working on my federal and state income tax returns any longer.  I have used a popular software for this purpose for several years and the process is not much more difficult than falling off a log.  I probably could do it without resorting to any outside help at all, as my income is minimal and my itemized deductions no longer exceed the standard deduction Uncle Sam allows.  Despite of the ease of doing it, I simply detest the process.   Perhaps I don't like to be reminded of how little money I have.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Snap said...

Tax day ... UGH! I think Sweetie Pie will like the new rose. (and I agree with you -- ALL roses should smell like roses).


Peter said...

Dear Pat,
That is a beautiful rose, how right it is, and how good that you have GD to help with such things. xx

As I write we have a still blue sky overhead, and the willow leaves are golden with early morning sun and fall colours. Morning is often the best time.

We still have until July 7 for our tax stuff, because we are a business, but it sits in my mind and heart about 3 layers down beneath other more pressing deadlines.
I loath the paperwork, and I do find the process humiliating, our income is so small that I have the occasional fantasy of adding extra naughts to the income figures and pay lots of tax, just to feel like we're a great corporation doing well!! (fear not, it is only a fantasy!!).

Anyway, I must wobble through to my studio and begin preparing glazes, really tired this Saturday morning, and very tempted just to sit, but I have an exhibition deadline looming...

Eeeek, sorry to go on at such length!
Hugs from Peter, Laura, Nigella Stopit, and Ginger xx

Pat - Arkansas said...

Peter, I'm always delighted when you go on at length! Hope you're having a great day, and the glazes are going well.

Jackie said...

A beautiful rose, and it will be perfect to adorn Sweetie Pie's burial site. I send you another hug as I know that she is and always will be a part of your family.