Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flowers 2- Jean's Photos - Post 14

My daughter, Jean, sent me these photos of plants from her yard. I don't know how she does it (special seed?), but outside her door she has a large clump of clover that contains more than the usual number of those with 4 leaves. She thinks, and I agree, that this photo would make a great jig-saw puzzle.

Photo 2 is a lovely iris. Sorry, don't know the variety; perhaps some reader can identify.

Photo 3 is a Clematis which has taken up residence in the boxwood hedge just off her front porch.

Thanks for sharing these with me, Jean. Love, Mom

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Hilary said...

Beautiful photos, Pat. Thank YOU for sharing them too.

Paula Yaussi said...

I am coveting those flowers! The only thing I can successully grow are dandelions! Pretty when Yellow!

I love Iris' - Thank you for sharing!

Paula in KS

Anonymous said...

wow, that's amazing. a clover with four leaves.

West Bremerton flowers

"JEANNELLE" said...

Very lovely photos! We used to hunt for 4-leafed clovers when we were kids, in clover that looked just like in your photo.

Ruffled iris are beautiful. We had to move our iris when we built a room onto our house, and now they don't bloom very well.

And, of my mom's favorite flowers, and she had a nice one climbing on a trellis when I was a kid. I've never tried to grow one, though.

Thanks for sharing your daughter's photos!

Anonymous said...

The clover is what we call, Little White Dutch Clover because the blossom is small and white. And there are four leaf clovers in it and while I was never able to find them, laying in a patch of clover most of a day, my mom could walk out and say, "What-cha doing?" and bend over and pick up three or four from around me.

Your photography is nice to see and your writing is good to read. And you and me are the same age at 73 and I will be 74 in October.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Beautiful Iris. We have several daughters that like to stamp and scrapbook. About the only thing I do is crochet, and play on the computer. Love to play scrabble with a couple of my on line friends. Thanks for your visit.

Countrygirl said...

Beautiful! I love all flowers, iris remind me of my Gramma Ella. Thanks for sharing!

Ranch wife said...

Oh such pretty flowers. I love flowers. It looks so green there! Just about hurts my eyes!

Glad the tree trimming went well and your house and fence were not hurt.