Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alternative Transportation?

I'm thinking seriously about buying an adult tricycle. My sense of balance is no longer adequate for riding a two-wheeler, but I could probably manage a three-wheeler.  The Schwinn Meridian Tricycle pictured at left looks like something I could handle.

My bank, the library and a supermarket are all within easy pedaling distance of my home, and on relatively level ground. I might turn into the 'little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sunday.'  

I had to run some errands this afternoon that required using my car and, gasoline prices being what they are these days, I tried to make the rounds in the shortest distance possible.  No longer can I afford to just jump in the car to take a casual drive. The budget won't stand it.

I can remember buying gasoline for $0.19 per gallon, for even less if there was a 'gas war' on.  (Yes, I'm older than dirt.) While gasoline prices are not yet quite as high as they were a couple of years ago, it makes me shudder to see that the price boards over the gas station have increased by ten to fifteen cents per gallon in a couple of hours.  Gas prices here have gone up more than $0.50 per gallon in the last two weeks. :::sigh:::

Tomorrow is also a day.


Hilary said...

That would be a cool way to get around.. good for you, too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes--our gas prices have sky-rocketed here also the past couple of weeks... We'll be up to $5 a gallon by summer --or more! Yipes!!!

The tricycle us a great idea, Pat... Sounds like you have a perfect place for one.. We have too many steep hills here plus the fact our grocery store, bank, etc. are not that close...

Keep us posted on your plan.

George said...

I think an adult tricycle would be a wonderful to travel short distances. When I was younger I commuted by bicycle. Even when I lived in the North Carolina mountains I rode my bike to work. It was uphill every morning, but did I ever make time going home!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I had a three wheeler for riding in my neighborhood but recently gave it to a friend who needed it to get to work. It isn't easy to pedal if you're going uphill (much of my neighborhood is hilly) but otherwise it works great! blessings, marlene

Marvin said...

The trike seems like a good idea to me, if you have a safe place to ride. So many cities are not bike friendly. I shudder to think what gas prices may be by the time Jo and I are traveling to art fairs in a month or so. The most irritating part is that all the increase to this point is based purely on speculation. There's not yet been a reduction in supply.

I can remember pumping gasoline for .28/gallon, and I also checked your oil and washed your windshield. Does that make me only almost as old as dirt?