Friday, February 4, 2011

A Touch of Color

"Lantana" - Watercolor by M. Koziar

Snow showers with intermittent rain seem to be the weather for today.  An Autumn Clematis, still clinging to one of my front porch supports, has icicles hanging from the vines.   Brr!

Rather than dwell on the weather, I went searching through my photo files for something more cheerful, and found the image shown above. The photo is a detail from a watercolor painting of Lantana by my talented younger sister.

"M" and her husband moved to Arkansas 18 years ago, after living in Portland, Maine for over 20 years.  (Talk about BRR!) They live about 70 miles southwest of my home, and I am able to drive to see them several times a year.  I visited with her by telephone earlier today to be sure she had no objections to my posting her art work.  She told me that they are snowed in.  Keep in mind that "snowed in" in Arkansas doesn't mean 10 foot drifts; two or three inches of snow accumulation on the street is enough.

I'm working on the story of how I came to be at a dinosaur museum in Alberta, Canada (the subject of yesterday's post.)  I'd like to get the whole thing written (in installments) and photos assembled before I start to publish it.  It may be a while before it's ready.

It started snowing again in early afternoon. Great huge flakes. I ventured out to the library to pick up a book I ordered before any of the downy white stuff stuck to the streets, only to find the lights out and the doors locked.  So much for that!

Tomorrow is also a day.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Pat, We are only getting light rain here... Don't think we'll get any snow much. We've missed both of the last two storms... Guess we had all of ours in Dec/early Jan.

Beautiful painting. Your sister is very talented --just like YOU... Where do they live? Are they near Hot Springs?

We love that area --along with Mt. Nebo and Mt. Magazine and Petit Jean...

Have a nice weekend.

George said...

I guess your library isn't taking any chances with snow. Things close down about that quickly here in our part of Tennessee as well.
You have a very talented sister, but I suspect you already know that. I hope the weatherman is kind to both of you this weekend.

Hilary said...

I'm about ready for spring. We're not snowed in, but I'm all snowed out. Looking forward to hearing about your time in Alberta.

Arkansas Patti said...

That really is a beautiful painting. Ah to have talent.
We got snowed in, well kind of, yesterday with about 2 inches. So pretty and we are due for more this coming week. Yippee.
I plan to take a walk in it when the sun comes up.
Someday soon Pat, we will be able to download library books on to our kindles. They will stay for 3 weeks, then disappear from the device. Some cities have that service now.

rhymeswithplague said...

Yup, the South closes down (or closes up, take your pick, or perhaps merely closes) at the slightest hint of snow, which fact causes much merriment among our northern cousins.

Ice, not snow, is usually what does Atlanta in, and I challenge any of those D**n Yankees to drive on the blamed stuff without mishap.

Let me add my admiration of your sister's watercolor to that of your other correspondents.

richies said...

We had a forecast of one inch of snow here and ended up with five inches.

An Arkies Musings

Marvin said...

Beautiful painting. "Snowed in" up in the Ozarks. I think most of Arkansas received more snow than predicted. Beautiful today with a clear blue sky.

Jinksy said...

And a delightful painting it is...

Reader Wil said...

The photo of the painting is great! We are having a very strong wind since Friday. On Saturday I went to choir practice and was blown off my bike in the middle of the street. I couldn't get up as my bike was on top of me. Fortunately three people came to help me stand up again.