Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Coming, Really It Is!

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But not for a while!

The weather forecasters are warning us that more white fluffy stuff is going to fall from the sky tonight and tomorrow -- the heaviest snowfall of the season to date. :::sigh:::

I (and half the population of the city) made a trip to the grocery store today to stock up on essentials and, in my case, bird seed.  Barring power failure, I'm set for the duration. 

One of my purchases this morning was a jar of crunchy peanut butter (store brand, and on sale).  I intend to mix some of that with a generous (yea, even copious) amount of bird seed and use it in place of the suet blocks that I have been using.  An advantage to the home-made mixture is that it can be 'blocked' or, while a bit more spreadable, stuffed into holes/cracks in trees to provide some nourishment for both birds and squirrels.

Gardening Daughter has already let me know that if the power goes out here, I am to report to her wood-heated house, pronto! I haven't yet figured out just how I would get there if it snows a lot, because her home is situated at the top of a hill. The street I would have to travel is uphill both ways.

I picked up a book from the library and I'm keeping my Kindle charged up, just in case.  We shall see what we shall see.

Tomorrow is also a day.


Hilary said...

I hope you keep toasty warm, Pat. Love those photos and I'm looking forward to when those beauties begin growing again.

George said...

Thanks for the reminder that Spring and warmer weather will eventually get here. I hope you get through the storm without losing power. I think I would be more concerned about driving than I would the loss of power. I'm glad you're keeping your Kindle charged up.

Janie B said...

I love that you are concerned about the birds and squirrels. As soon as I could get out after the last time, I replenished my seeds for my feathered friends.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love seeing the flowers, Pat... Spring WILL come SOMETIME... ha

Hope you stay safe and warm.. Hope you don't lose electricity. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and Thurs. from that same system. BUT--we missed the last one, so we may miss this one also.. Who knows????


NitWit1 said...

My Kindle is sufficiently filled to keep me occupied through several winters.

I finished a 10-gook series The Church from Christ to Eusebius, very difficult reading. Eusebius, a historian rather than writer drew from church leaders and scholars ofthe days in many countries, languages of which are now archaic and definitions not in included dictionary.

I have read Max Lucado's Imagine Your Life W9thout Fear 4x and as the day of decision about my heart approaches I am reading it a 5th time. Also now have his GREAT HOUSE OF GOD on the Kindle.

I finished Jane Eyre (38 Chapters) by Charlotte Brontem a morality story common in its era.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sure hope your power holds Pat. Maybe it won't be bad, they say it is moving faster than first thought. My county is one of the few in the whole state in blue. Rats.
I'm like you, if I have enough birdseed, pet food and a charged Kindle, I am good.

Friko said...


I have cooked up a big bowl of bird food today too. Seeds, nuts, oats, dried fruits, all covered in copious amounts of melted lard and stuffed into coconut shells with a small hole at one end. Once hard, these shells are going to be hung in the trees outside the kitchen window. I watch tiny birds disappearing deep inside the shells.

Ordinary bird seed and peanuts hang in their own containers off the feeder table.

And we don't even have snow anymore! For now.

But it will be spring, I have seen plenty of green shoots in the garden and snowdrops, crocuses and aconites are blooming their tiny little hearts out, cold and wet and stormy and snowy or not.

Carolina said...

Spring is definitely coming ;-) And at least your birds and squirrels will be well-fed. I feed them bird seed and peanut butter too, but haven't thought of combining the two. Will do from now on.
Your daughter could tie a sled to a long rope, lower it down the hill and pull you up to her house. It's a brilliant idea, even if I say so myself ;-)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Friko - I love the idea of coconut shells for bird feeders. Thanks for the tip.

Although my daffodil leaves are pushing up, there's not a bloom of any sort in sight. However, I don't have any crocuses planted. Maybe next year.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Carolina - it would have to be a very long rope. The distance between the bottom of the hill and her home is over a quarter of a mile. But -- it is a brilliant idea!