Monday, February 7, 2011

Magpie Tales - #52

Photograph © Tess Kincaid
The image above was offered as a writing prompt by Magpie Tales
which is observing its first blogaversary.  Click on the link to see others' contributions.

* * *

After dark last night, while the snow was still falling,
I swept the walk and covered it with salt.
I don't want those nosy Parkers who live next door
banging on my door and
threatening to call City Hall
because it's dangerous.  Sissies!

I should have left the walk alone.
It would have been fun
to peek through the curtains
and watch'em fall on their backsides.

The steps?  

 I'm not going any where.
Let the snow cover'em;
the deeper, the better.

Icy steps discourage visitors.

* * *


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you joined the Magpie Tales meme... You are so talented --and have so much to give. Great poem!!!!!

We got some snow tonight--but not too much... The sidewalks and roads seem fine...

George said...

I like your words. They fit the picture and the theme -- Recluse -- perfectly.

Marvin said...

Great job capturing the essence of a recluse.

Deborah said...

This was perfect for the picture, really well done!

Susannah said...

You really captured a character here. Nice Magpie.

Anonymous said...

This was too funny! I love how she wanted them to fall on their backsides. lol. Great poem! I really enjoyed reading it! :o)

Arkansas Patti said...

Pat, I just loved that and had laugh along with the sentiments. Guess my wishing for snow all the time is similar.

rhymeswithplague said...

Pat, this is wonderful! You captured it perfectly. My first thought after examining the picture was, "How come the sidewalk is cleared but the steps are not?" (I suppose what really happened is that city workers or a neighbor cleared the sidewalk.)

The title is perfect. As is the whole poem.

"Icy steps discourage visitors" ranks right up there with "Good fences make good neighbors" (imho).

A hidden talent is no longer hidden and we, your readers, are the beneficiaries.

Shari Sunday said...

I love it. Made me look more closely at the picture. I had noticed the snowy steps but not the cleared sidewalk. Now it all makes sense ... Good job!

~Sarah~ said...

People do all sorts of things to build a buffer, and some joy (think the ice should have been encouraged...). =)

Carolina said...

Oh you are one of those talented people who can take a prompt and put it into a story or a poem. Standing ovation from me :-)

120 Socks said...

Great character creation within, enjoyed it, light and dark, well done.

Lyn said...

She's a bit of a challenge, isn't she?..You caught her essence...very telling portrait

Jinksy said...

Naighbours beware! LOL

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Nice write!
I adore visual challenges! :)
(And icy steps that discourage visitors!)

thingy said...

This is so interesting to see what impression this house has on us. Either you get a warm feeling or some strange things are going on in there.

As I read the tales, it does seem to be a woman's house.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take on this prompt!

Southwest Arkie said...

Wonderful mag!!

Kristen Haskell said...

I imagine an old miser sitting in his chair, smoking his foul pipe in his long underware! Great Magpie

Tess Kincaid said...

Haha. Love this point of view.

Friko said...

the inhabitants of your house sound as grumpy as I am.

Helen said...

How delightful is this??? We have those 'clean your sidewalks' rules in my city. There are days I think it might be fun to watch the slipping and sliding.

Doctor FTSE said...

A very well written Magpie.